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Sunday, August 21, 2016

[REVIEW] dear, Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40,PA++

I don't think I've reviewed this BB cream before so I think I'm gonna do a short review on this since I've been digging this BB cream lately, saying goodbye to all my cushions for a while. I actually have this with me for some time now but it has been sitting in my drawer for so long since I'm too infatuated with cushions since it was a quick-to-go makeup. I'm on a break (in sha allah) soon to continue my study so I have all the time now to put on my makeup without having to rush.

Brand : KLAIRS
Volume : 40ml
All Skin Types
Made in Korea
Price : 18.99$ at Wishtrend

With this kind of tube which would not deflate, we never know how much I've used it.

You could say I'm so into dewy complexion lately with a little higher coverage than cushion so this  BB cream is just right for me. With the anti-irritation formula, this BB cream doesn't irritate my skin and even better, it doesn't clog my pores and cause my skin having breakout. That's a yeay!

Moreover, this BB cream creates a natural finish on face and it doesn't look like I'm putting makeup on my face. However, since it came with only one shade, it can be darker or lighter than my skin since my skin color change according to weather.

Since it has a dewy finish, this BB cream can provide moisture to the skin even for dry skin. My skin is combination so I need a little powder on top of my nose, cheek and above my forehead to control the shine.

What's great about this BB cream to someone who had a warm undertone like me is that the cream doesn't have a grey cast to it. It is nice for someone who prefer a natural finish.

I would say that this BB has about medium coverage to it since it covers my pores well and a slight coverage on my dark scars from my acne. Dark eye circles may need more coverage with the support of concealer.

There is a little scent to this BB but I'm not so sure what it actually smells like, not flowery for sure and I just can't describe it. Fret not, it doesn't linger around so you won't smell it after it was applied on face.

Below is my face after a few hours wearing the BB cream, around 4-5 hours(?) and I'd say it doesn't slide off from my face especially on the nose but there's a little crack around the side of my nose and smiling lines which I may need a good primer to combat that.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this BB cream and I never thought I would dig it so much after having this for some time now.

I rate this:

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