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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[REVIEW] It's Skin Babyface Oil Drop Tint #01

Hi there!
Today's post will be about this lip tint from It's Skin that were sent to me by
If you are not familiar with Q-Depot, they're a Korean cosmetics online shop that sells most Korean cosmetics including Korean skin care and Korean makeup. They also offered a free shipping service for orders above USD49. Currently the shop offer USD25 cash coupon that can be use once you register an account at Q-Depot.

Brand : It's Skin
Origin : South Korea
Product : Lip Tint
Color : 01

The bottle when shaken.

This is what the lip tint looks on my lip.

I received the color of  #01 which is a red color among the three in total. The lip tint definitely looks red from the bottle and it is actually much pigmented in real.

With just one swipe, I can already see a bright red in color but since oil-based tint always disagree with my upper lip, which it can't present much color on it so gradient lip won't be possible for me because it will only create uneven color. However, when it is applied in full lip like the picture above, it surprisingly looks nice :) although you might still see on  how bright the color on my bottom lip but less red on my upper lip.

The finish will create a shine on lip but not too much I'd say and it definitely doesn't dry out the lips for a few hours after applying. The color might face a little if you drink or eat but it won't disappear completely.

There is a sweet cherry scent to it and it was quite sweet when I licked it..haha
and the removal is quite tough too since the tint stain pretty well on the lip. I suggest using a makeup remover will do.

Overall, I like this lip tint since it doesn't dry out my lip and the color is really bright with only one swipe but since my lip is wrinkly type so the color looks on uneven especially on the upper lip when I tried to do a gradient lip color.

I rate this:

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