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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

[REVIEW] Bbia Last Pen Eyeliner #Red Brown

Hi guys!
So today I'll be reviewing this pen eyeliner that I bought from testerkorea last December. This has been sitting in my folder since forever and I'm not sure why I just found out that I haven't review this yet but I tell you that this is my favourite eyeliner ever since I started using it.

Here's a little details for you;

Brand : Bbia
Type : Pen Eyeliner/Liquid Eyeliner
Color : Red Brown
Where to buy : Testerkorea, BeautyBoxKorea

1x swatch.

I always love brown eyeliner and I probably used about 90% brown eyeliner everyday and it is a must color for my eyeliner. I use black too but not so much or even I just bought one black recently after about a year without black eyeliner. I guess because brown color give me softer look than black liner so that's why I like brown color better on me.

A lot of brown eyeliner out there and I myself have tried so far turns a little darker, almost black on my eyes when I layered them up and I'm looking for something that wouldn't look dark no matter how many layers I applied and I found this.

Originally I was afraid of this Red Brown color turns too red for me but it is not! In fact, I was very pleasant on how the color turns on my eye because it has a little red undertone to it so whenever I layered it up, it won't turn dark but stay to its true color.

Another thing that I like about this eyeliner is that it dries quickly after applying and it doesn't smudge on me no matter how long I wear it. Furthermore, the eyeliner also didn't transfer onto my lid which happen to me with the 3CE eyeliner which you can view it my past review HERE.

The eyeliner is not waterproof but it is the type of eyeliner that when you rub it, it would "flakes" rather than smudge. Do you kind of get it? I'm terrible at explanation but too bad I don't have a picture to show an example of it.

There's also no scent to this eyeliner so no worries.

Overall, I would buy this again for sure and probably try the Burgundy next? coz I'm quite interested on seeing how it turn out on my eyes XD

I rate this:

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