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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

[REVIEW] Banila co Prime Primer Photo Layer Powder #Naked Peach

Hello guys! 
This review suppose to be posted back then but I always forgot it every time!haha
However, I wanna say that I've been using this since the first time I got it, which is last December if I'm not wrong. I guess this loose powder is another popular product of Banila co aside from their prime primer and clean it zero balm. I'm in love with it of course because of the packaging..:D

I had a few loose powder before and it's from Innisfree, guess you knew which it is-I had both original and blur version. To be honest I didn't powder all over my face after wearing any cushion or BB because I find it easily caked my makeup however powder are very useful to smooth the lines on top of my eyelid and under my eyes. It lessen the probability of the foundation to crease.

Here are the details of this product.

Brand : Banila co
Origin : South Korea
Product Type : Loose Powder
Color : Naked Peach
Net Weight : 12g
Where to buy : Jolse , Koreadepart , Stylekorean

There are two colors of this powder which are Naked Peach and Pale Pink. When I got the Naked Peach, I thought it would be peachy in color but it looks more like pink to me. Even through the case, it is already visible that it was pink and not peach in color. However, I don't think the color has much function to it since it won't be showing on the face but I do think it give a little tone than normal white powder.

There is no scent to this powder and I can say that the powder texture is very fine, almost similar to the Innisfree No Sebum powder. It controls oil pretty well and what's great is that it prevent crease on my eyelid! It's been some time since I've used any eyelid primer because this powder does its job. I normally will apply this onto my eyelid and under my eyes to prevent creasing. So before applying any eyeshadow or cream shadow, I would put on this powder first and it would make my eyeshadows stays on well considering I had oily eyelid.

However, the downside of this powder is that it would caked up if applied throughout the face especially on oily zones so I would avoid applying this onto my face.

The packaging is nice, it has the jagged sides for twisting but I don't like the face that there are only four holes for the powder to get out of the case and I don't think the cover can be open at all(?) coz I tried but it's not working.

Overall, there are some pros and cons but I still like the powder because it helps prevent my crease on my eyelid :)

I rate this:

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