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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[REVIEW] Tosowoong Makeon Princess Season 3 Gel Eyeliner

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my opinion on this Tosowoong Gel Liner which I've seen so many people talked about this. I've been wanting to try this and thanks to for sending me this to try! Do visit Roseroseshop for a large range of kbeauty products and they even do wholesale for the products they sell. They're one of my trusted kbeauty seller ever since their ebay shop <3

So without further ado, let's jump into the review :)

Brand : Tosowoong
Country origin : South Korea
Product : Gel Eyeliner
Net weight : 0.8g x 5pcs
Price : 20,422 Korean Won
Where to buy :

The colors in this promo picture is a bit different than the real color as you have seen in my swatch picture below.

There are 5 pcs of gel eyeliner in this tin compact.

From left : Dark Brown..

This swatches is true to the real color :D

 I received this for quite some time ago and just recently I started to try them. I could say that I'm a fan of these colours as they look nice beside each other and look great for the simple eye makeup especially with a non-makeup expert like me since I barely applied on shadows except if there's an important event.

My favourite colour out of the 5 would be No.2 Glam Brown which I'm wearing it in the picture below. Honestly it doesn't look too brown to me because it looks like it has a red tone to it.

The gel liner is easy to apply and it gives plenty of shimmers with no fallouts. The brand claims that it is non-smudgeable and it was true. As you might seen, I applied it horribly in the above picture and because it is not smudging, I can't correct my terrible application. Since it is not smudgeable, I find the gel liner is easily create uneven colours when layering. I guess it would a nice liner instead on shadow even though the brand claim that it is also can be used as an eyeshadow. Another than that, it is also waterproof but not oil proof as the brand claims.

The gel liner is also non-twistable which is a bit inconvenient for me since I prefer those twisting end and require no sharpener. One reason of why I didn't like using sharpener is because this type of gel liner is usually soft inside and it will stuck to my sharpener and requires more "work" of removing the traces of gel liner from sticking onto the sharpener's blade.

Another downward of this gel liner is that mine looks a little empty inside. I don't even use it that rough but the pencil will easily broke even after sharpening. I realize that the "gel" inside doesn't look full enough to stick onto the "pencil wax(I don't know what it's called)" and making it vulnerable.

Overall, this gel eyeliner have the nicest colours out of the three limited edition of Tosowoong Gel Eyeliner set however there are some downwards to it that they can improve so that the application can be better and easier.

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)


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