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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Lock'N Summer Proof 10 Cushion Lock'n Liner

Hey guys~! Woaaahh..I never thought I made it to do a review today *cries*
Well I did one the previous day but it is not counted as that was a sponsored post. I can be myself here eg: talking rubbish while in sponsored post, I can't talk about the non-related things..haha

Anyway, I really can't promise when is the next post will be but I will try to do one on this weekend...and not forgetting to the two girls who won my giveaway! Sorry, I'm in a rush so the box packaging is not pretty(it's actually very ugly) but I promised the products that you guys got are safe and new!hehe

 So, for this post, I'll be reviewing this cushion liner by Etude House. I actually had this since June but there are too much to finish and I wasn't able to review this early. I got this from Beautynetkorea and you probably have heard that some of these cushion liners were dry as some other bloggers I've read. Mine also can be considered as dry coz I had to squeeze it till last drop for my 2 and half liners that I able to wear including in the picture in this review.

Beautynetkorea however received this complaint and give refund offer to those who purchase within June and July for this cushion liner and advise to discard this rejected item. I believe that this isn't their fault, probably the production mistake but aside from the problem, I do think that this cushion liner were pretty easy to dry even with cover in hot temperature or exposed for too long.

I got the purple one as I already told everyone in my facebook page!haha..the colour were sold out for the first stock in Testerkorea so you can guess why I didn't purchase this with Testerkorea instead.

Ignore the overexposed light. I only want to focus to the cushion XD

Without liner liquid and with liner liquid. The mini brush is an absorbing type and the liner got harden in less than a minute on the brush.

I won't talk much about this coz after all, this is a defect item which is half dry when it arrives to me.

My very first application of this liner, I pretty like it coz it is wasn't dry but one thing that I really dislike is the brush is an absorbing type which absorbs too much of the liquid and apply so little on eye because it dries so fast on the brush! I tried using Stylenanda eyeliner brush and Missha liner brush but both doesn't work at all to apply this liner so I had to stick with the mini brush given. Sometimes, the mini brush can hurt after it harden with the liner liquid.

The colour is gorgeous, no complaint at all. It is exactly like what I imagine but I was surprised to see there's glitter with it. It doesn't bother me as much coz as you see in the picture above, even it is with glitter, it doesn't reflect nor seen in the picture.

I could say that the liner is pretty waterproof to me coz it won't budge but it'll budge slightly for oily eyelid and rubbing. I actually rub the corner of my eyes coz I don't realize that I'm wearing an eyeliner the inner corner kind of disappears a bit with flakes. By the way, it doesn't smudge but it flakes when rubbed.

Aside from that, since after it  is dry, the liner stays well on the lid and doesn't do any colour transfer. That was the biggest yes for me..

Lastly, thank you for reading, I don't have much to say except if you want to ask any questions regarding this item, do let me know in the comment down below or e-mail me. :)

See you next time!


LauraLeia said...

Aaaah, it's such a pretty colour! I would've bought the purple one too. :D Too bad the item is defective >_< I'm surprised that using other brushes didn't work though. The brush that it comes with doesn't seem very useful ^^;;

Mieza Everdeen said...

the colour is drop dead gorgeous, this is THE purple that I'd love to wear on my eyes! But too sad it is a defect :( I wonder how much it is sold here in Malaysia.

XiaoVee said...

I also got mine in super dried out condition >__< and i'm so disappointed.. and I have reviewed it on my blog
Unforunately the brush itself is also the absorbing type one, and personally I don't recommend this product.. at all... :|

Mizu said...

Yeah, too bad but I saw someone said that they used their own eyeliner brush but I'm not sure which brand it is and it's work well to apply the liner.

Mizu said...

I agree, the purple is really pretty! I'm not sure how much it will be sold here coz I don't think it arrives here yet.

Mizu said...

Yeah, I don't think I'll repurchase this but there are a few bloggers said that their cushion liners were not drying as our version. Probably you had bought the defect items in the same batch as mine :(

JuJurika said...

really intresting! thanks for sharing ~

and ur blog is awesome!

My blog ♥ visit it cutie ^^

Mizu said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

Fifi ♥ said...

Wow!! I've never seen such a pretty purple liner before! I really like the colour of this, although i think i'd be too scared to wear it out>_< Your eyes are really pretty with this eyeliner on !~


Mizu said...

Hi Fifi, I think it'll look great on anyone, the colour isn't neon and it's just perfect even for daily basis :D

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