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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twins 2 Years Birthday Celebration~!

Hello peeps~!Wow..Its been a long time since I make a new post..actually I have several products to review but I really don't have time to upload and make sorry..but today,I'm not going to review the products but instead a recent birthday celebration of my twin cousins..they are 2 years old last 15th May..
The twins family decided to celebrate their birthday at the new open McD stores in Kuala they booked a room for that..the events should start at 2 p.m but unfortunately,McD staff did not prepare anything!The whole family was like WTH?The aircond thingy is leaking there and there are no balloons and all...The staff actually was quite surprised as they don't know>>Don't know???<<The story start when the other manager that has been told about it and take a leave that day without even telling the other manager about the event..He/She must be 'kaw-kaw' or fired after this coz making such a mess..Then the other manager was asking us to wait as they want to decorate the room with balloons..then we have to wait outside..hungry and sleepy..LOL...I don't like waiting..but finally they decorate just a bit and we start the celebration like 'cikai-cikai' as the room is actually quite small for two big families..

A Secret Recipes cake with Upin & Ipin picture..last year,they want to make the Ben 10 picture but the cake maker was wrong when they put Mickey Mouse I think...

The cake!!Happy Birthday twin!!Iqram as brother and Ilham as younger brother..^_^

With mommy and daddy...time to blow the cake!

Everybody sings!

Where's the pic for blowing up?I guess I missed it...But anyway they slice the cake from Secret Recipe~

Iqram,let mommy give you cake..The abang was preparing to open up mouth but the adik was refusing!haha..

Special for mothers day by mommies for mommies!

My grandmother in pink while the other one was the twin grandmother..

My uncle and aunties with the twins!

Yeay,adik is looking at the camera!It was hard to capture one though..

It's me!!!hahaha..finally..I was too shy to put my picture..

My sister..we are so different right??Everybody says that we didn't look as sisters..

My father..he want me to take his pic with the Big Mac burger..

Adik was pouting..!I didn't know where is he learned that!(Adik pics was more than abang coz abang doesn't want to slow down...he's too active!)

Yeay,actually adik was refusing to put on the bday cap but this was a successful capture!

and finally its me again!!!Peace to you all!

There was a lot of pics of my family but I don't think they wanted to be put here but its okay...hahaxD..Maybe next time,..

Wanted to know what I'm wearing?

1 - Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream(I didn't like it much but since its expensive,I have to finish it off T_T)
2  - Etude House Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball Blusher.

1 - e.l.f Limited Edition Eyeshadows
2 - Etude House Drawing Eyebrow

1 - Avon Simplypretty concealer stick
2 -  Banila Co lipstick Spring Collection 2011

I just put the make up in small quantity to look natural~!weheeee...till here..~!Bubbyeee~!


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