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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner,False Eyelashes No.2 and No.6 by Tsubasa Masuwaka

Hello fellow readers?How are you today?I'm feeling super good today coz my wishlist items arrived!!!!Yeay!I've been waiting to get this since I read a lot of good reviews about it!It is Koji Dolly Wink line!Dolly Wink is a line from KOJI Japan produce by a Japanese model name Tsubasa Masuwaka

Here she is!!She is cute right?With her big round dolly eyes..she really produce a great product for people to look like her!I'm the one who fall in love with her looks and want to try her products badly.Amazingly,her products did not disappoint me!!She really work hard in producing this and I want to give a big clap to her for the amazing results!

I bought Koji Dolly Wink Eyeliner at first,and I've used it few times already!I'm a beginner in eyeliner world but using this,doesn't require to much practice as you can learn easily by using it.
Here is the photo of my Koji Dolly Wink ^_^

From the price I would say that it was really expensive!!If you buy from local retail stores,it will cost you a lot more higher!One liquid eyeliner in local stores would be RM59++ and same as the false eyelashes,while mine cost RM45 for one liquid eyeliner and one false eyelash.I'm not buying this from ebay too coz the price is much higher and plus the shipping,it will be more i only buy with the local online seller,Cynthia.She is very kind and a good seller.I bought these 3 from her.She got the fastest shipping too!Hooray...big clap for her!

Okay,let's go to my liquid eyeliner first.

The box is so cute!!I love the creative design on it!This liquid eyeliner only available in deep black color..

Produce by Tsubasa Masuwaka..hehe..her picture is included...

She also give her tips for how to wear the eyeliner with perfect results but it is written in Japanese so I can't understand..T_T..

Dolly Wink is written on the pen with polka dots as a cute!

The brush was very sharp right?So it is easy for you to sketch the eyeliner to draw some dramatic one..I used to draw cat eyes with this..but it doesn't hurt coz it is a smooth brush..but be careful not too paint your eyeballs..
 So,I've tested this with running water and it is waterproof!

See?The color didn't even change a bit although I put my hands under the running water..
Then I rubbed it hard about 5-6 times and it become like this

It doesn't fade when I rubbed it from 1-4 times and I would say that it is hard to remove with cold water.Great waterproof!But if you really want to remove it fast,then I suggest you to use warm water or make-up remover..or maybe toner will do..

Pros :
1 - Great waterproof!
2 - Sharp point brush that gives perfect precision when drawing.
3 - Deep black!You don't have to layered it much since it is very black in color!
4 - Comes is handy pen-type.
5 - Doesn't smudge out although I've an oily eyelids.

Cons : 
1 -  The price is a bit expensive for a student like me.

So we head on to my false eyelashes..I bought the No.2 and No.6 coz it is the most popular among the six type eyelashes under Koji Dolly Wink line..No.2 is the upper lash while No.6 is the lower lash.They have 3 types of upper lashes and 3 types or lower lashes.So choose yours!

The purple box is Koji Dolly Wink No.6 Baby Cute Lower Lash while the turquoise box is Koji Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly Upper Lash.

The main reason I fall in love with the lashes,

Its Tsubasa Masuwaka look with the lashes!(Yeah my main reason for sure!)

Koji Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly Upper Lash.Cute box ain't it?

This is Tsubasa Masuwaka tip and again,it is in Japanese so I can't read it..maybe just look at the picture to try to understand to what she is telling about..

I open the box and is very long isn't it??There are 2 pairs of lashes and a cute false eyelash glue.This glue is included in every box of Dolly Wink eyelashes!But if you want the longer and bigger one,you can buy it from Dolly Wink line.They does have Eyelash Glue Fix that sell separately..

So I'm going to wear this to look dolly like??hehe..FOTD will come soon as I never upload any of my pictures so I'm a bit shy.But I'll update this post for sure after I done wearing this!It's my first time wearing false eyelashes too!But never mind,I've watch a lot of tutorials before attaching it on my eyelid! cute!

Koji Dolly Wink No.6 Baby Cute Lower Lash.
Firstly,I wanna apologize for the blurred pictures for this lashes.The lashes is tiny and almost transparent in color so my camera is not good at capturing it.But you will see this clearly if you have a box for yourself.Don't worry if you cannot see it here..its my bad camera problem.

The Tsubasa Masuwaka tips..yes..she does give tips on every products she used..A very hardworking girl~

I shake too much maybe for this head is spinning around by looking this..hmm..maybe I should upload the new one later...
See the lashes?It got tiny bits of lower lashes and it is crossing over..Professionals used this lashes by cutting it to few pieces and stick in on lower lashes but I don't think I can do that coz I'm afraid it will be missing!I'm such an irresponsibly girl...hahaxD

As I said,FOTD for this Koji Dolly Wink will come soon but I don't know when..haha..

Update : See my look with these lashes here Koji Dolly Wink


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