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Monday, May 9, 2011

I wanna learn sewing!Love Lolita~

I watched a Japanese movie last 2 weeks and it was amazing!The plot is about lolita and yankee which happen to be friends after some consequences.The movie titles "Kamikaze Girls" which happen to be a manga before it was adapted into movie.Just google the name and you'll found the related search =)

I don't know much about Lolita and never interested in this before but after I watched this movie,somehow it makes me fell in love with their styles.Frills and lace,I think that's the main thing about this fashion.Of course this fashion is very popular in Japan and I think people will saw a lot of girls wearing this style of clothes in Harajuku.If I wasn't wrong,Lolita is a mix of Japanese and Victorian fashion in Rococo period.

Well,obviously I did google about them and I find a lot of Lolita styles!This fashion is not only focus to sweeter style but also gothic-lolita and punk-lolita or maybe more.I would be very happy If I can wear this fashion here but people here still can't accept this rare fashion *sigh*.

One of the shop which sells this style of fashion is Japan is "BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT"I shop.It was specialize shop for lolita which also mention in the "Kamikaze Girls" manga and movie =)
I somehow found the website(in Japanese) which they also ship overseas!Unfortunately my country isn't available and the price of the clothes are too expensive.

Most lolita sew and design their own clothes and hair!That was a fascinating thing I get to know after searching more info about Lolita ^_^
They sure are amazing and have a great skills of tailoring!I wish I can learn how to sew mine too!That would be awesome!

A cut of the scene in the "Kamikaze Girls" movie which she sew the hole cause by the rat to this amazing piece!How cute!
Her room also filled with those flowers,lace and frills almost everything!

Some of older lolita fashion~

Victorian-style!!!I love those dress!!!

and this too!So sweet!!I wish I can make this!

an example of the newer Lolita fashion style~

Lolita not only cares about fashion,but they care about room too!Most lolita have pink room with all the design and very neat too!Some of the examples I got..

omg..look how fancy and cute their room are!Just like my dream room style *_*

If you wish to looks through or buy something from the shop,you can head on here
It was written in English,so don't worry..

That's all...I really want to learn this one day..someone can teach me??

All photos courtesy of respective owner.I do not own this.

Love Mia xoxo


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