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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping Yeoja~❤

Initially I want to do a different post but the post maybe a bit sensitive and too long to blog about so I'm taking time to write about that..or maybe I wouldn't post it at all.It's all started when I watched a video few days ago and what the person says is just so true and it relates to me.I never do heart to heart post but I'll try to do one =)

Anyway,this post only a diary post..About where my I spend my money to recently..kk..coz i'm a shopping yeoja(girl).I think everything looks tempting which I can't resist myself from not to still,I still try to control myself..

some plastics i able to save before thrown into the trash can.

Skin Food eye masks ~❤
I rarely go to Skin Food these days because I start to feel that Skin Food is way to expensive and they rarely do sales ;(

 Watsons galore..haha..
Biore Cleansing Oil,my fourth bottle!love it!
I wanted a powder brush but didn't found any or others are just too expensive to I took the stippling brush..It is so soft!like~

 I wanted a new handbag for so long and without thinking much,I bought is cheaper! RM29 only~
Thinking to find a pretty purse.Anyone can suggest?

A plain long sleeve blue blouse and a spaghetti~

I bought this in Setia City Mall..sadly,the sale is over that time ;(
I used this and don't like this because it is too sticky and stings my eyes ;(

Finally bought an oil blotting paper..and sunscreen!
See the SPF for the sunscreen??SPF 130 PA++!It was the highest SPF I ever seen!Used it one and love it!

Thank you for reading..any sunscreen brand that you like?


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