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Saturday, June 23, 2012

[REVIEW]Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++

It's Saturday again!!banzaii!hahaxD
However,I didn't plan to go out or shop...maybe this weekend I'll spend me time watching One Piece or study for all subjects I took this semester..(coz I skip class last week...lolol).But I mean not all,just a bit of glance..kkk

Anyway,today I'll reviewing a sunblock that I bought from Watson haul last time.
Honestly,this is my second sunblock I ever had this entire 20 years of life...kk

I always thought that sunblock is messy,greasy and melt in hot summer...that's why I dislike them.
Just recently I thought I need the sunblock because my hands especially will get burn..(my face did not affect much coz I wear BB cream or compact powder that have SPF)

 I actually thought it was bigger 0.0

 The bottle openings.

  See how watery it is??

The after leaks >_<

Here is more about this sunblock ;
New Solarex-3 technology is developed by The Mentholatum Co. to provide a unique UV defense system.

  • Provides superior photo stable protection against UVA&UVB
  • RonaCare Ectoin & Antileukine 6,two anti-aging ingredients helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid effectively hydrates and locks-in moisture on skin.
  • Low irritation
  • No Colorants
  • Highest SPF130PA+++ for broad spectrum UVA&UVB protection
  • Japan "Watery Liquid" formulation is ultra light, non greasy and smooth on skin.
  • Super water & sweat proof, ideal for long hours water and outdoor activities.
  • Non-comodogenic (does not clog pores)
  • Made in China
My thoughts ;

Water & Sweat Proof , 5/5
Absolutely yes!Love it~~It absolutely waterproof and sweat proof in sunny day~
Plus,it doesn't melt!!yeayy~

Moisturizing , 0.5/5
It does not moisturize any parts of my hands but it dries out my skin 0.0
omg..I have to wear lotion right after I wear this sunblock

Anti-Wrinkle Properties ;
Well,I can't give any marks for this since I don't have much wrinkles on my hands.

Absorbing Properties ; 5/5
It absorb pretty fast!Just perfect when I'm in hurry!

Non-greasy ; 5/5
Yup,not greasy at all!I almost didn't feel anything after I put this on my skin.Very light~

Results ; 4/5
My skin is protected from the sun and it doesn't burn fast!yeayyy~~~

What I don't like about this sunblock ;
  • The liquid leaks from the bottle after used.So I have to wipe it.
  • It dries out my skin like o.o .So I have to wear lotion right after using this.
  • Very small in size =(

Re-purchase : Of course...this is the highest SPF I ever seen...=)


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