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Monday, June 11, 2012

Etude House Story Books and 100 Followers~♥

Hello guys!
Good news for me,I achieved 100 followers today!!banzaiii! *throws confetti*
I still never thought that blogging is my daily hobbies, a part of my life that I can't live without..
A blog with no ambition and now I put a lot of hopes to be one of the best blogger..=)

Although I know that was too big of a dream,but I'll try my best and put effort into every posting ^_^

Thanks to all,now I had 100 followers and I was very thankful..(I hope this won't decrease by
Thank you...thank you and thank you again..*hug you guys* (。◕‿◕。)

For showing my gratitude,I would love to held a giveaway!Yup, a giveaway!I wanted to do one for so long and I never get a chance..Although I organize one before,but the prizes are not really interesting..If it is me,I would hesitate to join xD but *tears* some of you put a lot of effort in the giveaway! *hugs you again*

As I conducted a poll in the right sidebar for almost few months,Korea Cosmetics won the poll!That would be easier since I'm good at those..hehe XD

The prizes would be my favorite items..and I hope you like it too.More info about the giveaway will be posted later in different post.Please anticipate it!

Now,here is the story books of Etude House which I got from my last..last haul..hehe..I really forgot to post this..and here!(Some of it have been posted  by Etude House Global too and they translate it!Go check their fb!)

Part 1
 The first book pictures is from pink play house book~~

 You can watch this girls make-up tutorial on etudeblog@youtube


Make-up products used for 4 looks!

The pink words are actually the English translation but camera isn't that good to capture it T^T

Part 2

I think the beautizens draw their own looks!It's pretty~~


 Moistfull.!This doesn't suit my oily skin unfortunately..T^T
Anyway,good news,they released a new improve one that is Moisfull Flower~~~

 I wouldn't wear this too..coz of its shine....T^T

ok..sorry for the blurred

Anyway,I would love to scan the books,however that time my scanner is I had to manually captured them..

Thank you~


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