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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet

Just so you know(maybe?),I bought a lot of mask recently and I don't even know why I bought that much either..

I'm not a mask lover since I only admire them,not one of the person who loves to use
and I would say,I hate those toner,lotion,cream...etc..etc
I'm trying to adapt to them because I'm 20 years old and having a acne-prone skin T^T

That's why you hardly saw I review about skincare,although I use some at the moment,but I didn't bother to review it..don't ask why coz I don't know myself

but (again...) I tried to review most of skincare I have now...hehe :D

Because of I rarely showed my face for reviews,you wouldn't see how the results would be but I'll try my best, okay?

Ok,onto the review!

I post the picture for this eye mask in my last haul post.The first time I saw this in the store,I said I'll definitely get this to try!
Because last year I think,I went to Skin Food and I bought kind of similar eye mask with this Etude ver!
I wanna see if the results is as good as the Skin Food and for sure I'll come back

The packaging itself is already cute...haha..

try to read it if you can see it and understand

 a large sheet 0.0

See the pattern?

I wore this overnight and the results isn't much impress me.Maybe I could say that this only hydrates the eyes part but faded so fast.I would love it if it gives me a bit long lasting hydration.

Texture :
A bit like jelly..haha..but it will not slip off from your hand like the Darling Snail Mask.

Size & Design :
One of the similarities between this mask and the skin food eye mask is the covered your eyes not only under the eyes but also the on top of eyelid.So that's why you have to lie on or you wouldn't be able to open your eyes..kk~
One more thing,the sheet of the eye mask also have the anti-slide design that similar to the Darling Snail Mask.

Results :
Not very satisfying.I wish they put more hydration properties.

Purchase again :
Would not in the meantime.

How about you?Any particular eye mask you love?Please share~


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