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Monday, September 5, 2011

[REVIEW]MJ Care Masks!

Firstly,a very sorry to everyone because I promised that I will be blogging through out the week but I stop after few is because of the festive season,a lot of people are coming over and I've to help my mother from day to night..It was super tiring and I didn't have the time to blog because I went bed early.. So,I'm going to continue today..hope you don't mind (;´ρ`) グッタリ

This time I'm going to review another masks type that I used..hmm..most probably already been two weeks 
already..and yeah,I bought this along with the french ampoules I reviewed before with the same seller..hehe

Owh,before I head one more..MJ Care masks is from and produced in Korea by MIJIN Cosmetics.I wasn't 
intentionally bought a 'Korean masks' coz I don't know this brand before nor knowing where it comes from..
haha..Just after I bought them and I read the total-written-in-korean description and I know,aha,this is from Korea 
then.. ^_^

These are the masks but actually there are 16 piece of it and 3 types from all types.I already used some before and this photo was taken few days ago and you would say only few left with me now..

The first one would be MJ Care Charcoal Essence Mask.This mask suits oily,big pores and acne type skin the most because it can heal them.At first I'm not going to believe but after trying it few times and it was absolutely true!It heals my several acne!
As I said before,my acne never heals completely out of my face and I was really depressed by it..(well said that I'm fed-up with the acne because won't be able to get rid from me..keke)
Just I suggest you to use this mask together with MJ Care Herb Essence Mask before using this especially for bad acne because the herb one can calm down your skin first!That's how I do it!

The Jasmine Essence Mask just another mask that suits oily skin and this is one of the mask that helps too!
But if you're going to skip this then it won't matter since you will use both charcoal and herb one!

This is the MJ Care Herb Essence Mask I'm talking about..It do what it has to do and I was satisfied!

All Korean words..please read if you can understand..hehe

Well,its good to see some English too!

Yeah,this is how I know that the masks is from Korea..

For the shaping,not all the masks have the same cut..I don't know what machine they used to produce that but all the sheet is not with the same size..some of them were ok and some of it were not so ok..
All the masks have fragrance/smell and the strongest smell is the herb one..Others are not too strong but well,I'm saying this because maybe some of us will not used to fragrance..especially the strongest one..None of the smell bothered me since it was smell very good~!~~
So yeah,please try it if you're interested.I would say that this mask is reasonable and worth to buy!

See you in the next post!Lovexxxx


skinformulae said...

I tried charcoal mask! It was really nice. Did some review mjcare mask

Mizu said...

awesome!thanks for sharing!!

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