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Friday, September 9, 2011

[REVIEW]Holika Holika Vita UP! Facial Water(Vita Orange) and Happy Chuseok Day!

Howdy!How are you friends?Another lovely day has passed and yeah what are your plan this weekend??Shopping?Movies?Foods??haha..must be a lot!

Before the reviews,I want to wish Happy Chuseok to anyone who celebrate it especially to Korean!What are you going to bring during your travel?Tell me!Make sure you keep yourself hydrated along the journey to avoid breakout okay!(✿◠‿◠)

and for Chuseok Special,I'm going to review the Holika Holika Vita UP! Facial Water(Vita Orange!).Actually this is my first time buying a mist!I've heard a lot of mist among Korean(coz it such a HOT item!)=^.^= 

As you know I'm a seller for this specific brand(Holika Holika and Tony Moly).okay,I'm telling this in case you didn't know..hehe..I bought this along with other Kpop merchandise that I sell too..

 Yeah,my supplier sent me a long the paper bag too!haha..

 Closed picture,I choose this flavor,orange.There are other flavor too!

 Can you read this?If you realize,there is some wrong spelling there,Japanese ---> Japaness..hehe
 Yeah,the spray tube..

I spray it on my hand and there is some Orange-medicine smell..I thought of this smell actually..hehe

and it absorb to my skin!I feel very hydrated!

My thoughts of this item..
This mist is the cheapest mist in Holika Holika brand(becoz that time I don't have that much budget,haha)
and I personally chose the Orange flavor.There are other flavor as well!

To my expectation,this mist have orange-medicinal smell which I expect that would be the smell.Honestly,I don't like the smell but it won't last long either..after you sprayed and it absorbs,it don't leave much smell anyway..

I would say that this facial water made my skin more hydrated and smooth..hurrayy! ♥‿♥

I wanted to try other mist as well and my target brand next is....secret!hahah..actually I targeted this "secret" brand before Holika Holika but becoz the price is a bit expensive,I delayed a bit..hehe

So to Chuseok-ers..who are going to travel this holiday,make sure you bring your preferable mist along to keep you hydrated and energize during your journey~!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this,hope you like it~!

See you in the next post!Lovexx


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