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Thursday, September 8, 2011

[REVIEW]Yujacha(유자차) - A Popular Korean Citrus Tea~!

Hello to chocolates out there!haha..I finally decided to make another post tonight since I'm so happy right now!
≧◡≦..Feeling like I was under the Sakura tree!haha ❀‿❀
You must be weird of what I'm talking right's okay,I'm going to explain it anyway~

I love contest and last time I joined a contest from a page in facebook..ahah!Correct,it was a Korean fanpage named Korean Food Marketplace !Click the link to see their fanpage! (〃^∇^)ノ

Last time they create an event to win a Yujacha tea from Korea and I'm joining it but I really never thought that I would win since they are a lot of contestant!hehe..maybe I'm lucky this time becoz they choose me as one of the winner! (▰˘◡˘▰)

They announced the winners' name in their fanpage but I miss em' (╥﹏╥)
but one of their staff,Miss Rachel Jung kindly PM me after a week and she told me that I win the tea~She's really kind!Seriously the announcement was last week until she told me.Unlike other events,they definitely chose another winner but becoz of Miss Rachel kindness,I was able to get em'.Thank you so much Miss Rachel Jung and Korean Food Marketplace to let me have this tea!

She said she will send the tea after 2 weeks but to my surprised,it arrived 2 days ago which faster than expected!Seriously I thought this would arrive at the end of September..*-*

 This was the package confirmation..Sorry,it arrived at me like that..keke..

They are so kind for doubling the package!The box was very strong to protect the inside!

After I opened the box,I saw a cute note along!

 This is what Miss Rachel wrote to me.
P/S to you Miss Rachel : Its not late at all!Actually it was super fast!And I LOVE the tea!

The actual box!Looks yummy isn't it??

 The expire date~I hope my guess is true.hehe

Best served description and Nutrition facts!

 Opened the box!Unfotunately I opened the bottom..haha..too excited that time..keke
10 sachets overall and 32gram each sachet!

Finally I mix the drink today!Seriously I just drink this a while ago and
I would say that the taste is AMAZING!This was SUPER DELICIOUS! ♥‿♥
and because of it was taste superbly,I drank 2 sachets after another!hahaha!

The taste is very much citrus and tea but strongly you will taste citrus more!Although the color is not that orange or maybe because of the mug is blue,but the taste is AWESOME! 500 marks!
Seriously I thought everybody should taste this!You will get addicted..keke...

and yeah,this was best served CHILLED.So make sure you prepare some ice along..hehe..

If you're interested in getting this lovelies,you can head on to Korean Food Marketplace facebook to ask for inquiries!That's not all,they are selling almost all of Korean food like tteokbokki and others!Keep watching their fanpage for more events! (。◕‿◕。)

See you in the next post!Thanks for dropping by~Lovexx


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