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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[REVIEW and TESTIMONIAL]DERMACELL : Miracle Refining Cream

Hey there~!Do you have a nice day today?I'll back with another post but this time it is one of my skincare that I bought maybe in 2 months ago..Actually I intend to make this post long time ago but this is one of the important post that I have to do so I'm a bit hesitant because I'm afraid I can't make a complete post about this since yeah my last skincare review,I haven't finish it yet coz it needs everyday updates but I decided to go on with this since I received a lot of questions regarding this skincare from Dermacell which is hard to find on internet about how it works and all.The only thing that exist is their only testimonials and the blogs whom the customers did the post was not active and that is the only one post about Dermacell in her/his blog.(That's a bit doubt about this product,but I still wanted to try it)

Before that,let me show you some of the pictures that I took..

It is formulated in UK but it is made in Malaysia.

Some of the ingredients.You may google the ingredients there to know more.

The cream when it arrived to me..Maybe it is because of the delivery.

Another picture..

The texture of the cream is thick but it glides very well on face since it is waxy-type texture.

This is my first day of skin..actually,the camera is a bit blur but I have a very bad acne and pimples there..

The second day of testi..yes..this picture is so sorry..but it have nothing change from the previous day.I don't see a real changes yet..

More of the days,I actually take those pics but it nowhere to be found now just I wanna say that I have those whitehead bumps(It was soooooo many till I thought it was my pimples nor acne.But the thing is that 'thing' won't disappear till that's why I didn't see such changes.

and you may read that Dermacell said that it can heal your pimples in 20 minutes right?That was a total lie to I don't see any changes for few days and how I supposed to say it heals (maybe not all but at least it should a BIT) in 20 minutes,then I want to say to you readers,DON'T BELIEVE IT!

It maybe I can say that this thing do not suits me but have you ever seen other reviews??It is hard to be found nor the users of this skincare is hard to be found.

But....this cream never made me the meantime I used it..just I don't see anything..

Owh..another thing is..I don't say that this cream is totally sucks but I realize the thing that it calms my super bad skin..My skin is a type of like suddenly all breakouts starts to heal then after the few days,it starts to become dull again and all and I tried this cream at the time when my skin is dull and the breakouts starts to appear again, and this cream helps to calm a bit.It stops the skin from becoming more bad..that's all I can see.

I want to note here,in the meantime that I used this cream,I didn't use any essence or any other products with this..I only used toner and this cream only.Maybe if you want a visible results,then maybe you should wear with other skincare as well especially anti-acne skincare..this is my suggestion but I don't know what is the don't blame me if this didn't work..haha..

So its your choice if you're going to buy it or not but I just stating of what i see and feel towards this cream in those days I spent with it..haha..

P/S : Sometimes I still using it..just want to use those hundreds I spent for this cream..T_T..

So thanks for reading,I'll update this post if suddenly this cream can do a MIRACLE??haha..Just finicsh watching Young Blck Jack, So I borrow this line..keke


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