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Monday, September 26, 2011

[REVIEW]Meiji Amino Collagen

Hai guyssss!! (*^▽^*) First of all sorry for not be able to post any new post recently.It is because I started my finals already and its a bit havoc with recent Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 2011.I prepared a lot for the concert and it went so well.I will post the details about that later or also called fan-accounts right? lol xD

Anyway,today I'll be reviewing the Meiji Collagen that I bought about 3 months ago?Actually this was an old post and I forgot to post sorry..I already finished this tin already..hehe..

I'm not gonna to talk much about this since there are so many bloggers out there have raved it for me..

and I wanna tell that usually collagen contains those animals fat like pig or so and so you know,we Muslims would not be able to take that because of our religion but thanks to this collagen which are derived from fish,I be able to try it for first time.

Take a look at this pictures...

If u would be able to read and understands then its great!

The opening..

The reason why the opening is like that is too make sure you didn't took extra collagen..hehe

Look at the powder,it is so white..!

My verdicts,
This collagen have a reasonable price and made in Japan.Actually for a student for me its a bit expensive.Collagen is recommendable for 20yrs old and above because we start aging that time(lol I'm 19 and I already took this)
The taste is a bit you won't realize it since we don't drink collagen only..People usually mix it with other drinks or juice..but I heard the premium one got a good taste from this one.

What I saw through out I drank this,my skin become whiter,.(oh  yeah!)...and my skin looks younger too..
but the thing is,for those who are young,please don't take this one full spoon or you'll see your cheeks become me!I was too excited when I first try this and I took one full spoon everyday and I saw my cheeks become please took this according to your age..most probably you have to take half spoon for those who below 30 years old.

So yeah,that's all I think..Any questions,do ask me,I'm free to answer you whenever I can..
See ya for the nest post!Coz recently I do a haul so I'm gonna post that too~


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