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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[REVIEW]Maybelline Clear Smooth Compact Powder

Heyya~!What's up!I'm taking a bit of my precious time to make a blogpost today!Becoz blogging is a part of my life now which I love to do it..not because I wanna shown what I got but that's my love!

Enough with introduction and you guys surely wanted to know more about this new Maybelline powder~!Honestly,since I was young,I used compact powder so much because it never breaks me out and it is lighter too..Another reason would be that I never know that BB Cream is exist!haha..I started my first use of BB Cream when I was 18 years old!Ahah,true,it was last year which my obsess-ness to make-up start!

But I never stop using compact powder..hehe..just recently I bought this compact powder after saw my sister bought it.It gains my interest like 500% since my Etude House compact powder is nearly finish..

I took the pictures on my bed..haha..
 Yeay!It got SPF25 PA++!!Happy!!Sun protection is a must!

 Completely in English.Owh,the picture is kinda not sull there.Its says that this is non-comedogenic and gentle on skin~

 How cute the packaging was!

 I like this!Easy to use!Have sponge applicator along too!

 It is the 2 last darkest shade.Probably 2 shades darker than my skin..T_T..the lighter shades was sold out..

Look,actually the shades was okay..I think darker shade than your own skin would not weird at all but it shows more naturals in it..i'm so agree with this!

I've tried the compact already and I would say that it has good oil control since the box say that it was one of the function!10 marks for that!
It stays long for about 3 hours I think..
and lastly it was medium coverage.I have a very visible scars but this one only covers half of it but still,it lightens the scar and it become less visible!yeay!

So far,quite satisfied with this.I only will used this on night classes or super hot weather..hehe..

Thanks for reading!I will be back tomorrow or maybe tonight for another post!


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