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Friday, March 18, 2016

[REVIEW] Testerkorea's Real Tester : Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB

Hi guys!

I'm back with another review in collaboration with TESTERKOREA.
As you might know from my previous review, I was selected as the first Testerkorea's Real Testers and we were given three products in a package to review.

If you would like to know more info about Testerkorea, kindly refer to my previous post :) and let's go to my review ;D

Brand : Etude House
Capacity : 30g
Colour : Vanilla, Beige, Sand
Where to buy : HERE

Honestly, it's like a bigger version of usual concealer!

I'm not so sure about the applicator function of why it was shaped like that (sorry that I had too little time to read about that)

This is basically my face before and after. Almost 95% of my redness are covered.

Me wearing the BB on face XD

I got too little time to properly tested this on my skin for a while so I'd say that I'm not so sure about the oil control and how long it would last however, I predicted that it would last for quite amount of time judging from its texture that absorbs into the skin right away.

It does cover very well--I really meant it, REALLY WELL. The above  picture are shown in the zoom mode but in real, you don't really see the tiny amount of redness on my face after I fully applied this on face.

The liquid dries matte and honestly, I don't like it because it is too matte that it feels dry. I would have to wear a little more moisturizer or I would mix it with moisturizer so that it doesn't feels too dry and making the application a lot more easier when it is moist.I forgot to mention that it is a little bit hard to apply in such dry state and that's why I prefer to mix it with moisturizer.

For the applicator, I don't really see any function of it compared to the other applicator, or maybe it has some benefits in which I don't read or miss out about. By the way, the above concealer is is #Beige in colour and it has fragrance like most of Etude's products.

Packaging-wise, it feels funny to see a concealer-like packaging but at the same time, it is so cute! haha

The end of my review, I'll take my time to re-try and let you know again about the oil control, lasting ability and did it cause me breakout?

Thank you for reading!


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