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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, February 17, 2012


The title looks too over isn't it?It's like I'm going to start a war or something...lolol..
it's not really what I'm going to,I  read a lot of beauty blogger blog and saw they bought a lot of cosmetics..n that's why i'm jealous!I wish I'm working right now like them too!I want to buy as much make-up,fashion and girly stuff as much as I want and go shopping every weekend to my favorite shops to release stress from work..

I know if I'm already working,maybe it wasn't easy as saying but at least I can do whatever I want too without having a doubt about money that I supposed to use for study but spent a lot in cosmetics(but ehemm..I didn't used all my study expenses for make-up only,I also have my online business and this business help me a lot in maintaining my money in my account...kkk)

Plus..I didn't eat much too..I rather starve myself..( don't be mistaken,i can actually bought food a lot but i'm just too lazy..).Even my mom seeing me as a weird girl..and she always said that she never saw someone who was very lazy for just only to eat...kkk..Maybe this is habit of me starts when I was 13 years old..when I was admit to a boarding high school.Living away from parents plus it was kind of stressing school for me makes me tired after school and dining hall is no longer a place that I visit..I prefer more sleeps..Sleep is the best!*thumbs up*

This kind of habit keeps going till the end year of my high school there and I went back home..I used not to remember what 'hungry' was till my mom always force me to eat..oh my;;;; till I gained weight!!!Then I realized I became a food eater already and I used to dance everyday because I hate exercising! is the best though..

When I was admit to a university,it's like my old habit is on used not too eat because after class have to walk to the cafe..buying food and stuff..thinking that already makes me feel lazy enough..T^ future husband..I won't be wife for you like that in the future!I promised i'll change!!LOLOLOL

I only will become so diligent if a word that I really love came out...'SHOPPING'!!hahahahah...xD

My friend ever asked me,If your future husband hates shopping so much,what would you do?Then I answered her,...Then I'm going to tell him to go anywhere else in the shopping everything he wants..lolol..(Come to think again,he won't cheat at me,right?).Then my friend replied..Poor him..he will be forever alone...LOL..I won't force him is he refuse to go shopping with me..I know most guys wouldn't have much energy when it comes to shop.Only girls will only knows the feelings!!kkkk~

Oh..I actually have said way to far from the original stories...I think I should stop now..It's already morning and I just finished crying because of this drama---->The Moon That Embraces The Sun(EP13&14).Although there are no english subs yet,I think I would be able to understand the whole stories! it if you haven't!A very good drama!

and here is the video of my latest craze.I prefer this version a lot than original Lovey-Dovey song..sorry T-Ara but SPEED sure have won me!

SPEED : Lovey Dovey Plus(Eng subs added)
A co-ed sub unit!♥♥♥♥


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