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Saturday, February 11, 2012

[REVIEW]SHINee Etude House Bee Happy! Lip balm

Evening peeps!I'm going to do a short review about new Etude House Bee Happy! Lip Balm..

This is the second range of lip balm which Etude produced the Missing U lip balm featuring penguin as a way to save that cute animals!This time they came up with protecting the bees!
Missing U version...

New Bee Happy version~

So SHINee have been selected for this range,including sleeping mask,face wash,lip balm and etc.etc..

So I did only bought a lip balm for this range because I actually didn't plan my shopping at the first place..kk~~

There are 4 new flavors for this lip balm and I choose the black one since the smell was soo good!!!

Ooppss..sorry for the un-lovely looks on the lip balm..actually I left this in car for hours so the water from the lip balm dehydrated a bit..oh well..but it's won't stay like that forever because it turns back to normal when cold..~

I've tried this several times already and no doubt the smell was so good but it can't be lick since the taste is not like other EH products..haha..xD

This really makes my dried lips turns plump and looks healthy..but if you applied just a bit of it,then it wouldn't be last longer like you applied a bit more..

The smell is like fruity-rosey-milky smell...hehehe..i don't know how to describe it properly but this is the best smell out of 4..the SA also recommend me this one and this also sold out fast than others..

This lip balm have no colors so don't worry..
Ahh...this balm also stays on longer too~ ^_^

So yeah..go and grab it now..the price is kinda reasonable for new stuff that is RM29.90..

Happy buying!


Angela said...

omg looks so cute!!! >3< there's not etude in Australia ):

Mizu said... was cute!!
awww..there are no Etude there??
hmm..check out my blog in the future,i may do a giveaways for Etude lovers~ ^_^

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