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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hauls @ Tokyoninki & NattaCosme

Finally, all the tests are over and no more classes! My first final paper starts next week so I want to blog as much as I can for now :D

On the last Sunday, I make some purchases from two online shops which are Tokyoninki and NattaCosme. They are basically sells a lot of Japanese beauty products including cosmetics, supplements etc.

I knew about Tokyoninki when I crossed the a week ago and I've been wanting to try a hair spray product from their shop. Plus, they currently had sales going on( including Candy Doll products which cheaper price!) so make sure you visit their website here.

For NattaCosme, I found their website about a year ago when I searched for Majolica Majorca products online. Unfortunately the eye shadows palette that I wanted were sold out at the time so I cancelled on buying anything. Just when I saw Tokyoninki, I start to remember the website again.You can visit their website here.

Apparently Tokyoninki haul got more pictures than NattaCosme because of their numerous amount of cute pamphlets that are included with my

From Tokyoninki~

I only bought that white rose hair spray and the others are just pamphlets and samples :D

They sell the LoveSoap too! If you're a Cheeserland blog reader, you must know that she posted about this soap previously~
CandyDoll products is on sale right now so better grab it fast!

The most popular F.Cup cookies also available in their website. Besides, they gave me free samples from FINE collagen. :)

That Yogurugen seems really good!I'm gonna check it out ~!

Very cute right?!Right? They gave me the Tsubasa paper doll~ hehe :D

From NattaCosme~

Actually I can get the BIORE Cleansing Oil and The Mentholatum Waterlip from Watson but I can't go anywhere right now so I bought this online besides the cheaper price :D
I saw this fuwarinka soft candy while browsing the web and it really took my attention since it is produced by a cosmetics company, Kracie. The candy supposed to make your body odour smells like rose(?) besides improves your skin :)
For the Egyptian Magic cream, I wanted to try it for so long but I'm not sure how it will works on me if I buy the full version. Most reviews said that it works for them but I still not very sure so I bought the samples to try~

Tokyoninki used Poslaju(free shipping for any order) and NattaCosme used Skynet. Both of them arrived a day after the seller sent the products to me. A good experience on trying both of their service. Just for NattaCosme, I hope they add the iPay88 selection for easier transaction so I don't have to bank in and sent they email again for the banking details. It requires much work than just directly pay on the website.

Overall, I'm very satisfied and will come back again  for sure :D

p/s : giveaway next!


Yue Rain said...

wow, great haul! the candy is really interesting.

Nana said...

Wow! Everything looks amazing! I love the Tsubasa doll!

Mizu said...

it does! i think i smells good after eating the candy :D <3

Mizu said...

me too!it is so cute :D

Sarvin Sidhu said...

I see CandyDoll everywhere and i'm so tempted to buy them!

Mizu said...

Because the collection is so cute and the products is nice too :D

Nicole Yee said...

What a awesome haul by the way,what is that love soap??Oh and paper doll is so cute :P

Mizu said...

love soap is a soap for private regions of the improves the odour and gives a great smell.though i'm not sure what the smell be but it seems to be a pretty good soap since the price is like Rm100+ per piece..o.o

Danitza Galvez said...

Good to have you back Mizu chan (^▽^) I missed your posts x3. I imagine you'd be busy with school and I am glad to read that you're a little more free (n__n). I really liked your haul and you received very good free samples, enjoy them much (^o^)!
Hope you are all right and having a nice day Mizu!!o(^∇^o)

Nicole Yee said...

Oh, and wow,seriously pricey :O

Mizu said...

i know right...XD

Mizu said... never fail to give comments on my every post...*touched* thanks so much hun..true..i've been so busy with college so i can't keep up with blog post much but i try my best...:D

Nicole Yee said...


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