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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Banila co. 2013 Spring Collection ~ Floral Waltz

Hi guys! 
I just finished my last presentation a while ago and I'm too excited right now so I wanted to make a blog post about the most recent cosmetics line launched by banila co. for spring! The first time I saw the cover, I was like..omg, that packaging!lol

Unlike Etude House, the price range for banila co. is rather high considering the great quality of the products.  I've been targeting this brand for a while now and every time I wanted to splurge for this brand, I must think a lot of times before buying since the price is not cheap at all..haha xD (but thanks to Korea Cosmetics, I finally tried their lipstick about last 2 years and I made the review here)

Few weeks ago I finally bought something from this line that is the No.1 primer in Japan, Primer Primer for base make-up. Although this is a Korean brand but somehow they were very popular in Japan.( Gonna review that soon!)

So here is the full collection(hopefully) that I found for this collection~ :D

Lip Gloss
#1 Orlando Berry Floral Waltz Lip Plump Premiere in Max 

#2 Orlando Berry Floral Waltz Lip Plump Premiere in Envy 

Color Change Tint 

#1 Floral Waltz Color Change Tint in Marigold

#2 Floral Waltz Color Change Tint in Green Iris
#3 Floral Waltz Color Change Tint in Calendula

#4 Floral Waltz Color Change Tint in Poppy Rose

#1 Floral Waltz Shadow Palette in Amaryllis
#2 Floral Waltz Shadow Palette in Dahlia

#1 Floral Waltz Dome Blusher in Peony

#2 Floral Waltz Dome Blusher in Lilac
p/s : They also released a CC cream base earlier this year and I already checked the price, it's about RM100+ per CC cream..and right away after it was released, the CC cream base became the best seller!

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