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Friday, March 29, 2013

Etude House New Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream and Correct&Care Cream

UPDATE : Read my review for the Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream HERE 

Most of my facebook page follower must have known that I keep posting about these two things from the day that it was released..haha..Sorry, but I really care about everything that Etude House posted because it sounds promising although it's actually not always like that..

So the first product is the Season 2 Precious Mineral BB Cream called Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream SPF30/PA++

This new BB Cream is promised for blemish coverage-full coverage, long lasting and anti-darkening, anti-wrinkle and whitening which added with 16.5% pearl extract. It is paraben free, benzophene free, and artificial dyes free. Available in 3 shades, Light Beige, Natural Beige and Honey Beige which is less one shade than the Bright Fit BB Cream. The pictures is below is in English so you can know them better :D


The second product is the recent raved CC cream. CC cream supposed to mean Color Control for some other CC cream brands but Etude House focused into Correct&Care. Available in two types which are #1 Silky and #2 Glow. Etude House doesn't promote this CC cream with more coverage like other CC cream brand as CC cream supposed to be light and natural, almost like tinted moisturizer.

The original color is white but it will change to the color that suits your skin or light beige afterwards if you keep blending them. Etude House suggest that if you want better coverage, used CC cream as a base and BB cream on top of it because Etude House CC cream contains a lot of ingredients that benefit the skin.

Promised as whitening, wrinkle care and UV protection. Other than that, the CC cream is said you lighten the dark spot on the skin as it contain 8 in 1 benefits. You can scroll down there to see the benefits of this CC cream.

The price is surprisingly cheaper in Korea than what I saw in online stores so if anyone who lives in Korea currently, do grab this CC cream :D It sounds very good~


Any intention to buy the creams above? I think they both really make a good pair to wear daily. Besides coverage(Cotton Fit BB), the CC cream gives protection for your skin under the layer of BB Cream :D

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Mizu said...

me too!Korean blog surely will do the review soon~!

Blair said...

Ooooh every brand is starting to come out with their own CC creams!

Mizu said...

right? i'm looking forward to see more CC cream!

NisaNisa said...

hey, since cc is an upgrade from bb, i thought it will be enough to use cc cream only... :(

Mizu said...

unfortunately no..unless you had a very good skin to begin with..most of the cc cream are sheer and light so it would just improve your skin color from dull to bright..

Kri said...

hmmm i haven't tried cc cream...will definitely try it in the future!

Mizu said...

sure! currently HERA is the leading CC cream in Korea :D

Donah D. SweetJellyBean said...

I love the look of their CC Cream, very similar to what I tried from Mizon CC (review on my blog) so I will see if I can get a hold of the samples hehe. (btw hun, I've replied to your comment on my blog, I've been having issues with notification, just wondering if you got the reply?) Thanks a bunch! :-* xx Donah

Mizu said...

I read your Mizon CC cream review :D So nice..I might want to try the samples too.
Oh yes, I do. I think I do have probs with wordpress noti before too but it's okay now :D
thanks for dropping by too :D

ILeana Druetta said...

I love BB creams! They are a miracle come true ^^


Mizu said...

it's great that you love them! i might be in the middle though..:D

Bethany said...

I like the look of the CC cream, but I'm so lazy... :P I don't like to have to layer several products for good coverage. So, I'm probably more interested in trying the bb cream.

Mizu said...

I heard that Etude House got the least coverage of all and I would say that CC cream is really sheer..if you're into coverage, cc cream won't be the one for you..

Nhi Nguyen said...

Nice post.^^
I am having a giveaway if you want to check it out (;

Mizu said...

thank you! would love to join :)

Be Ho said...

Hi! I've read some great reviews on both the bb cream and cc cream. I want to try the cotton fit bb cream but i'm not sure what color to choose. Thanks for sharing ^_^

Mizu said...

It could better if you could try the samples first! Some online shops do sells samples so if you aren't sure to buy the full size, do try the samples before buying it :)

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