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Monday, April 15, 2013

[REVIEW] Nature Republic Super Origin Complete Control Cream(CC Cream) SPF30/PA++ #Tinted

Hello sweeties! It has been about two weeks since my last post. Sorry, I didn't blog that much since I just finished my final examinations plus trying all these new stuffs. It took a bit of time for me to write a proper review.

Anyhow, today I'm going to review a CC cream from Nature Republic. I know many of you know what is CC Cream is but I just say the summary here. CC Cream is known as Color Control, Complete Control or Correct&Care or many others. Basically they have a lot of benefits to the skin which is the upgraded version of BB Cream.

Basically, me myself is not agree with the statement of "upgrade" coz BB cream do have coverage while CC cream are not. While most of Korean company are referring this cream as a base which means, you'll wear another layer of foundation or BB cream on top of it.

It's a bit surprising since I opted for Nature Republic this time and not Etude House..haha.
It's because Nature Republic CC Cream is the most organic looking and they had three types of CC cream too under the 'Super Origin' collection. There are brightening, color change and tinted and I choose the Color Change but the seller sent me the tinted one T_T. But it's okay since later on when I ordered this, I realize that I should choose the tinted one instead because the color change may looks too white for me. Thankfully, they sent me the tinted one!lol

p/s : all pictures are enlargeable,so click it for better view :)

If you read carefully, the description said "Braille for blind" and yes, there are braille on top of the ingredients list. :)

Because the ingredients won't fit into one picture so I captured two parts! haha XD

It came in a tube!Hygiene secured :)

The cream has grey undertone to it.
Half-blend and fully blend cc cream.
Before and after. I forgot to write that but I'm sure you see the difference right?

Oil test :)

My face before and after applying the cc cream. Does my skin looks grey? -pardon my dark circle-

This CC cream benefit for anti-wrinkle, whitening and UV protection. It claims that it will gives abundant moisture, sunscreen, bright skin in this 45g cream content. Well, I agree to most of them but I'm not sure about the anti-wrinkle and whitening properties since I don't see much difference in skin color plus myself had an irregular sleeping time.

I've tried this CC cream about one week and half and I notice that the CC cream is not waterproof. There is one time when I apply this and I sweat, the CC cream spoiled on my face so I had to wiped it TT

If you notice, the CC cream is sheer but it gives a little bit coverage and it covers a little bit of my dark circles. The blemishes still appear but my skin color improve from uneven to more brighter looking. 

The CC cream itself is very moisturising, not thick and almost like water. I like how it gives my skin hydration and healthier looking.  It is so easy to blend plus it is not oily if you refer to the oil test I've done to the CC cream above.

Overall, I like it because it doesn't make my face too oily and it gives a lot of skin benefit because I don't really use moisturiser daily. It just I feel safe before putting any make-up knowing that a layer of CC cream can protect my skin from harm especially the from sun exposure. For the grey undertone, I don't care that much about the shades since I'll wear BB cream or foundation on top of it to correct the color.

So what do you think?


Tran said...

So I can buy any Korean brand CC Cream and use it as a base before apply sun screen on?

LauraLeia said...

It looks pretty good! So far I've never heard of the Nature Republic one. I guess it's inevitable; all the cosmetics brands are coming up with their versions of CC cream now. :3

Mizu said...

Yes of course you can but I'm not sure for other brand like Etude House because it may contain more oil than you think. If you had dry skin then it's not a problem. Anyway, I don't think you need to apply sunscreen if you wear this base because they had sunscreen already :)

Mizu said...

Yea, plus this on is cheapest I found when Korean CC cream came out but now I think the other brands CC cream do have fairly competitive price. I know right, I wanted to try the HERA CC cream so bad but the price is too expensive TT

Chee said...

Looks interesting! I really want to try the cc cream from Etude House. Do you think it's necessary to put on bb cream/foundation on top of cc creams? thanks for the review :)

Anatasia Kamelia said...

I also want to try this, but I ask taiwan's NR counter, they won't sell it. Weird right?

Mizu said...

Hi Chee, i see, please let me know of what you think of the Etude House CC Cream then :)
Of course you can wear the CC cream alone but for my skin with blemishes like myself, I wanted more coverage to cover up my imperfections so I would wear BB cream on top of it :)

Mizu said...

Means that they won't sell it at all? Sometime it takes time to reach another country but there are some outlets in other countries that won't sell them but how about you try the online shopping? They offer a pretty good price :)

Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

Oh sweetie you have a beautiful skin without this product.
Looks really interesting this product I want try!
Many thanks ffor the review.


Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

Btw sweetie now I´m following you in Bloglovin´and GFC I hope your follow me back

Sandy Lam said...

I went to The Face Shop the other day and tried their CC cream (which apparently is really good) but it has very little coverage. Even though reviews said it has a lot compared to normal CC creams. I really want to try it but I'm already white enough and need coverage! It was also very expensive... It was almost $50 here in Australia. T^T

How much did you get yours for?


Caroline May Ling said...

Interesting! I am currently using Tony Moly CC Cream which is actually white in color but it will blend along suit to your skin tone. I guess I need to check if it is waterproof! hehehe.

Yue Rain said...

oo, i prefer one that is waterproof as i wear specs and dislike the bb or cc sticking on my glasses. The cc cream look really natural on you though.

Mizu said...

yeah..most of cc cream are really white.. :( they really do need more shades..

Wow..that was very expensive! I got this only for $12 Aud! Quite different in price!

As far as I know TheFaceShop has two types of CC cream is i'm not wrong..

Mizu said...

I see! The Luminous Aura right? It was very popular though and it has this color change type of cream.
haha..please let me know if you do the waterproof test :)

Mizu said...

i know right..the waterproof one is better since i sweat a lot plus in this super hot country, a waterprrof type of cream is a must!haha.. oh..i thought it looks too grey but maybe it oxidizes a bit and match my skin tone color..:) thanks :D

Yue Rain said...

welcome ^^. It is hot and humid. All makeup melts =(

Mizu said...

true and i hate when that happens..TT
that's why when i went out(not shipping mall) i used to wear the least make-up that i can..

Li Chuen said...

CC Cream is really popular nowadays. Gonna check out more reviews before jumping onto the bandwagon...shall stick to my bb cream first :)

Mizu said...

yeah and many companies are releasing their version of cc cream too. Sure, I'm still searching for more review because I wanted to try more since my first used is great :)

Tran said...

i agree with both of u guys. I have my eye on CC Cream of The Face Shop / Etude House and Skinfood. Others will be look out too are: Lioele, Holika Holika, Peripera, Innisfree, 3CE, Too Cool For School, VOV, Mira

Tran said...

Well I don't believe SPF in CC Cream neither BB Cream or any make up product so still need to apply sun screen. I use Biore sun screen and by the ways I live in Viet Nam

Mizu said...

there are Skin Food version too! the packaging looks like christmassy..haha

Mizu said...

I think you should consider them since when you flash photos, you'll see these white cast on face and that's because of SPF.But it's okay if you would like to top up your SPF, that's wouldn't be a problem...

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swallow said...

halo, may i know how much you bought it?

Mizu said...

i bought this when it is on sale, about RM30+ i guess.

Bulkis Mahdi said...

halo, do you have an acne problem after putting this cream on your skin? i had one or two blemishes after using this cream?

Mizu said...

no i didn't..the cream does not cause me break out..

Jason said...

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Missha, Tonymoly, Etude House, Skinfood, Innisfree, Thefaceshop, 3CE, and a lot more brands

Jenny said...

My friend got the Color Change one and she was very impressed :) I also tried it and I liked it :) I love Nature Republic c:

Mizu said...

That's great! It performs well in terms of colour on me too :)

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