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Monday, April 15, 2013

[REVIEW] Nature Republic Super Origin Complete Control Cream(CC Cream) SPF30/PA++ #Tinted

Hello sweeties! It has been about two weeks since my last post. Sorry, I didn't blog that much since I just finished my final examinations plus trying all these new stuffs. It took a bit of time for me to write a proper review.

Anyhow, today I'm going to review a CC cream from Nature Republic. I know many of you know what is CC Cream is but I just say the summary here. CC Cream is known as Color Control, Complete Control or Correct&Care or many others. Basically they have a lot of benefits to the skin which is the upgraded version of BB Cream.

Basically, me myself is not agree with the statement of "upgrade" coz BB cream do have coverage while CC cream are not. While most of Korean company are referring this cream as a base which means, you'll wear another layer of foundation or BB cream on top of it.

It's a bit surprising since I opted for Nature Republic this time and not Etude House..haha.
It's because Nature Republic CC Cream is the most organic looking and they had three types of CC cream too under the 'Super Origin' collection. There are brightening, color change and tinted and I choose the Color Change but the seller sent me the tinted one T_T. But it's okay since later on when I ordered this, I realize that I should choose the tinted one instead because the color change may looks too white for me. Thankfully, they sent me the tinted one!lol

p/s : all pictures are enlargeable,so click it for better view :)

If you read carefully, the description said "Braille for blind" and yes, there are braille on top of the ingredients list. :)

Because the ingredients won't fit into one picture so I captured two parts! haha XD

It came in a tube!Hygiene secured :)

The cream has grey undertone to it.
Half-blend and fully blend cc cream.
Before and after. I forgot to write that but I'm sure you see the difference right?

Oil test :)

My face before and after applying the cc cream. Does my skin looks grey? -pardon my dark circle-

This CC cream benefit for anti-wrinkle, whitening and UV protection. It claims that it will gives abundant moisture, sunscreen, bright skin in this 45g cream content. Well, I agree to most of them but I'm not sure about the anti-wrinkle and whitening properties since I don't see much difference in skin color plus myself had an irregular sleeping time.

I've tried this CC cream about one week and half and I notice that the CC cream is not waterproof. There is one time when I apply this and I sweat, the CC cream spoiled on my face so I had to wiped it TT

If you notice, the CC cream is sheer but it gives a little bit coverage and it covers a little bit of my dark circles. The blemishes still appear but my skin color improve from uneven to more brighter looking. 

The CC cream itself is very moisturising, not thick and almost like water. I like how it gives my skin hydration and healthier looking.  It is so easy to blend plus it is not oily if you refer to the oil test I've done to the CC cream above.

Overall, I like it because it doesn't make my face too oily and it gives a lot of skin benefit because I don't really use moisturiser daily. It just I feel safe before putting any make-up knowing that a layer of CC cream can protect my skin from harm especially the from sun exposure. For the grey undertone, I don't care that much about the shades since I'll wear BB cream or foundation on top of it to correct the color.

So what do you think?


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