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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[REVIEW] KOSE Sekkisei Lotion and KOSE Seikisho Mask White

So at the end of last year until a week ago, I was obsessed over whitening skincare. Though I rarely posted about skincare here because I think I'm not good enough in terms of skin care..haha
I stopped about few days ago because one of my blog reader told me that whitening skincare can exaggerate my acne-prone skin because whitening skincare contains the harsh ingredients..oh well, she's right. I was obsessed with whitening skinc are because I gave up of searching the right skin care for my acne-prone I'm looking for another alternatives that could work

Anyway, after reading reviews and suggestions, I found this whitening skincare under the KOSE brands which is said works really good on most of skin. Because this brand is more to high-end brand that could hit hundreds or 1k for the whole skincare, I decided to just try out the samples which I bought from eshoppingstrawberry. They carried a lot of high-end brand with them so you might want to check them out. In terms of price, I suggest you not to ask me since I don't know the store price compared to them since I never used any high-end brand before..hehe

I think KOSE had another collection of whitening skincare which I'm not sure what was the name of the collection so google if you want to

So here are the two picture of the full sized products of promo pictures I found for the samples that I tried because the samples packaging may not look the same as samples but there aren't much difference actually.

KOSE Sekkisei Lotion

KOSE Seikishio Mask White

the cute samples I cost me bucks though..

The mask white on my face since I don't take much picture..

The lotion samples lasts about 4 times for me and 3 times for the mask white.I'm not sure why it was called mask white because the color is dark blue.

The lotion has a very slight blue tint to the liquid and it smells like herbs. I used not too like strong smell of herbs but I guess I kinda like this smell..It feels very light on face and I think there is a bit of cooling sensation to it. I love this lotion because it makes my face less oily :)

For the mask white, I would say that it works really really well with whitening properties with just one used. Probably it is a peel off type that it removes my whiteheads and blackheads along with it and then it makes my face looks brighter. It is really thick and it is so hard spread but I guess that was a peel off mask should be like. The mask itself is hurt a little bit when I remove it probably it is because I left the mask for too long and that makes the mask is drier than it should be. One thing I wanna say that you shouldn't apply this mask around your eye area coz it's gonna be freaking hurt that I actually

Overall, I really love both of the products that I've tried. For repurchasing, I mean the full size one..I might have to think of my money but if you do have the money, why not try them? It's worth it if you love whitening skincare.

I'm currently is starting my acne/oily skin skincare routine all over again and thanks to Yue Rain for the advice you shared with me. It is really helpful :D

Thank you for reading :)


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