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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Etude House I'm Blooming Collection

Update : Read my review for the #Sebum Control mist HERE


Type : Deep Moisture Mist(150ml)

Type : Brightening Mist(150ml)

Type : Sebum Control Mist(150ml)


Type : Moisture Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Type : Brightening Wash-off Gel

Type : Clear Cleansing Water

I thought the collection is just for dry skin people but since I saw the sebum control mist and the cleansing water, I can't help but to get tempted. The sebum control mist is made from the green tea and it was 100% natural..omg..>_<

The cleansing water looks like to be a moist type but I like it when they produce the cleansing water without SLS because it is not a type that will bubble up..


Yue Rain said...

sebum control mist can be use to set the makeup. Oo, first time heard of green tea as cleansing water. I usually just drink them up.=P

Mizu said...

the green tea is the mist one, the cleansing water is different..
haha green tea is to bitter coz i don't know the right temp.
once ago i bought a packet of green tea leaves from japan and they even gave me the right instruction on how to make the drink not too bitter.i guess i might wanna check them out again.

Jessica Ie said...

woahhh i really want to try the cleansing water and the brightening mist >.<

anw mind to followback? ^^

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