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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk #JOR201

Hi guys! I won the previous Etude House friday event on facebook and they sent me this Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk. ^_^

I don't have this lippie yet in my Sweet Recipe collection so today I'm going to review it~
*cough* I tried to imitate the Etude launch event by putting the Jelly around the lipstick but since I don't have any Jelly with me right now I used Nips

I read a lot of review on this lipstick previously and some of them don't like it because it is too greasy or too oily for them and that's one of the reason why I didn't bought this..

Anyway, Etude House given me a chance to try this out myself and personally, I don't like it not because it was too oily but I don't like it because the color is too sheer. The texture is okay for me because I don't find it too oily or greasy like the review said. I feel like my lips is rather moisturising with this and I don't have to top it up with lip balm or wear a lip balm underneath it.

Like I said, the color is very sheer and it didn't show up that much on my lips so it is kinda useless if I put the swatch picture of the color on my lips. Since my lips is a bit darker on the outer side because of genes, I prefer more pigmented one or lipstick that can cover the dark rings around my lips.

 Plus, this lipstick will really disappear after they dried and if you drink or eat, it will gone completely. This lipstick is color transfer type so if you just put your lips on the glass or touch a spoon while eating, it will disappear from your lips.

The lipstick has a scent of orange candy..It smells good but not as good as the other Etude House lipstick..hehe :D

To those who might have the same problem as me(dark rings around the lips), you may wanted to try putting a lip concealer before putting this lipstick on your lip. That way it can cover your lip color much better. Since I don't like to use lip concealer so this way would work for me..haha..

Anyway, the color is pretty because it's not as bright as the lipstick looks and very moisturising if you had a very dry and chapped lips.

Thank you for reading :D


Devi Anviana said...

wow ! :D I LOVE this review <3

Can't waitttt the Samples Giveaway winner :D

Mizu said...

Thank you Devi :)

I'll announce the winner tomorrow on blog and facebook :)

winda said...

I like the way you make photos, choco candy that looks really fit with the theme :)

Mizu said...

aww...thank you..I didn't think the picture will came out good when I put the candies there.. :)

Chee said...

really cute! it does look jelly like and sheer. thanks for the review! =)

Mizu said...

yes it does :)
you're welcome :)

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