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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Fuwarinka Rose Softcandy by Kracie

So last time I posted my haul from NattaCosme which sells a lot of Japanese product 
range from cosmetics and supplements.

So start off with the product introduction~
[Product description] Often described as beauty candy, these delicious soft chewable candies use real rose extracts to deliver an accurate flavor. Contains Collagen, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid; all ingredients that have been found beneficial for your skin. Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
[Content] This package contains about 12 dual-layered soft candies.
[Weight] 32grams.

I read few reviews for this candy before this and most of them saying that the candy is overly perfume-y when you eat them but I suppose it is normal? Since I love candies so much, I thought that smell and taste is normal? It really smells like rose when I eat them and the chewy inside the candy taste really good but at the same time it might be too much for some people.

I only eat a ball for the first day and I noticed that I smells good? though originally I thought it was body soap smells but when I sniff my hands for a few times I realize that it wasn't my body soap smell. I notice that I smell sweet, not sure what was the smell but I enjoy sniffing it is a very slight scent.

The next day I consume about 3 balls of the candies but I notice that I didn't smell like previously..maybe my body soap smell is too overwhelming so I only notice the body soap smell.

For the improving skin side, I don't really notice anything special about my skin I couldn't really tell.

Being priced RM9.90 per packet, I think it is somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed the candy as a snack but I can't really tell about the improving skin nor the body odour. Might as well try the other gum type of this candy next time.

Oh, I noticed that some other site are selling this for quite pricey, about RM28, and I think RM9.90 is way more cheaper than that. You can get them from NattaCosme.

Thank you for reading~ xoxo
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Mai Nguyen said...

Wow, this type of candy looks so unique, haha!
Is there different flavours of this candy? Would actually love to try :)

Mizu said...

I think it has two flavors! This one is rose flavor and I'm not sure about the other one :D

Yue Rain said...

oH, it is something like the Deo brand which is like eating deodorant and smell good. Ermm, i don't really like candy or maybe i will try it later as i don't like the idea of eating deodarant yet.

Mizu said...

lol..not sure about the eating deodorant part but this tastes just like normal candy..

Nana said...

Ohh~ Anything with a perfume taste is a weird concept o me!

Mizu said...

I think the taste is normal but when you do eat them, they released a perfume-y smell..rose-like

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