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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[REVIEW] K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo

Konnitiha minna~ Sorry it took me so long to post a new review though I'm considered as having too much of free time XD Anyway, since I'm going back to college tomorrow and I might start getting busy again, so I prepared a new review :)

Since long, I really wanted to try the most hype eyeliner on internet which is K-Palette eyeliner. They have lots of eyeliner type but I choose 1 Day tattoo because it sounds like it will stay on throughout the day. 

Name : K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo
Colour : #DB01 Deep Brown
Origin : Product of Japan

I really have a huge expectation for this eyeliner because it was hype all over the internet for it's amazing stay on the lids however I'm a bit let down at first because it is easily remove with rubbing when I swatch the liner on my hand.

But, the happy finds is that it stays really well on my lids although my lids is very oily after a few hours under the sun. Maybe a little little smudge but it wasn't obvious.

Another thing is that the liquid liner doesn't transfer to my eyelid as 3CE Slim Pen Eyeliner that I reviewed previously. It is totally a huge relief for me because I don't have to worry when I have to wear this for a long time.

The liner looks horrible up close as the eye swatches above but it was obviously on zoom setting of the camera and normal people wouldn't be able to see that XD and I assure you it looks fine on me but makes sure your eyelid is clean and not oily to achieve a perfect line. 

The brush is very soft and it can draw the thinnest line too if you're wondering. The colour is deep brown as it should be and I really love it.

As the package says that it can be remove will warm water but I personally test it out with cold water and it remove easily as well.

Final summary, I like this eyeliner, it is easy to use, the colour is my perfect match and it gives a soft look for daily makeup.

I rate this :

Thank you for reading :)


Naomie .Licouz said...

Hi mizu..

I never own a brown eye liner before, and I think I better try one, because it's look good on you.. heheh.

Mizu said...

Do try one :) It'll give you a soft look for daily makeup.
I usually wear brown to classes.

pandahjessie said...

Hey Mizu! It;s on my todo list to get a brown eyeliner! I recently brought a brown gel eyeliner but yet to use it! Thanks for this awesome review, I heard lots of good things about k palette eyeliner! Heard its comparable to the famous dollywink eyeliner! Would you mind checking out my blog? :D I followed you a while back :)

Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥ New Post! ♥

Mizu said...

Hi Jessie, owh, which gel liner did you bought? Yup, I could say that both Dolly Wink and K-Palette are equal :)

Sure, will check yours :)

pandahjessie said...

Thanks! And I brought the tonymoly backstage gel eyeliner in brown :D i own it in black and have been using it for a year now, its one of the best eyeliners I own ^^

Mizu said...

Owh, i see! I've tried the pink one from that brand but never got chance to try the other colours as well.

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