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Monday, January 12, 2015

[REVIEW] HiShop - Heaven on Earth "Sweet Dream" Essential Oil

HiShop sent me this Essential Oil "Sweet Dream Blend" to try. Honestly I don't have the air humidifier at home but if you do, then you can use it with your air humidifier. Otherwise, it's great to apply on body as well.

"Sweet Dream Essential Oil Blend is specially formulated to help soothe and break away from the stress of daily life for an emotionally relaxing body and mind to create a wonderful sleep.

This is a synergy blend containing 5 different 100% pure essential oils: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Chamomile and Bitter Orange."

Application: Add a few drops into burner/humidifier/diffuser for vapourisation. Can be added into base oil for massage, diluted in the bath, or added in shower gel/cream/lotion.
- Source : HiShop -

Name : Heaven on Earth Sweet Dream Essential Oil Blend
Origin : Product of Australia
Content : 10ml
Price : RM69.00
My Coupon : insert AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

There are two types to choose. Please visit the website written above :)

It's yellowy orange in colour and have a really strong citrusy smell.

There are two types of this oil from Heaven on Earth. I specifically choose for the "Sweet Dream" version as I thought it might help me in getting a nice sleep. I develop the habit of staying up late because of study coz I think my brain works great at night, lol. 

My first thought of this oil is a bit too strong for my liking and I'm not sure how it would help me get a proper sleep but after trying it on my palm and let it dry, I think it smells great and very calming. The stronger smells is more towards citrus rather than lavender and I guess the lavender is there as the calming ingredients coz I can't smell it at all.

Two or three drops are enough for me but you can use as much to your liking. This oil is safe to be apply onto the skin since it was made from plant. The oil texture was more to watery than oily I could say and it absorbs pretty well on the skin. The fragrance can last for hours.

To those who might not prefer this to be apply onto the skin, I have a little trick to share. Take a damp towel or wet tissues, put a few drop according to your like, and leave it beside you where the wind from fan/air-cond blows through. It definitely works for me coz I get into a deep sleep in short time and at the same time sniffing a really nice smell :)

I rate this :

Thank you so much for reading :)

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