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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[REVIEW] Kanebo Lavshuca Liquid Rouge in RD-2

Hello~ This post was drafted back before when I had free time and intentionally dragged it until today to post XD

While I was cleaning up my makeup stacks, I found this liquid rouge which I received as a gift sometimes ago. I had no idea that I did have this in my drawer XD

I swatched it on my hand and surprised me because the colour is so pretty! I don't like lip gloss much and try to avoid them as possible but this is really caught me. :)

Name : Lavshuca Liquid Rouge
Colour : RD-2
Origin : Made in Japan
Content : 4.0g

Just like most of Japanese brand that I tried, the packaging is simple with lots of Japanese words.

Love the class cap tho :D

Doe applicator.

Look how pretty it is :D

^^ Definitely the true colour of the rouge :D

I never thought that I would like this so much. The colour is pretty which is more like a light pink and the gloss is very easy to apply with the doe applicator.

The texture, of course like a gloss, a bit sticky and is pretty hard to remove too. I tried cleaning it with my face wash but it won't clean all, so I opted for cleansing oil to remove this completely.

The gloss have a little sparkle, white sparkle with them and it really reminds me of the gyaru look..haha..Though from the photo looks like the gloss sink into my lip lines but it actually not obvious in real. I only can see a nice smooth glossy lip :D

As other Japanese products, I don't detect any smell with this gloss nor any weird taste with it.
For lasting hours, I think this could last for a long hours on the lips.

I think that's all. Ask me questions if you need. Thank you for reading.

I rate this :


pandahjessie said...

Oh the lipgloss color is so natural! I love the color *V*

Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

Mizu said...

Right, it's natural :)

Ines de Castro said...

Hello sweetie, I am inviting you to join my giveaway, you can win a lovely lollipop necklace - handmade! I hope you join and if you do, good luck!! <3!

Fashion gets Fierce.

Frl Schnee said...

The color looks nice on your lips! I only tried Lavshuca lipsticks so far, and they were also in a more natural shade with a hint of sparkling.

Lisa said...

The color is so pretty on you! I like the little bit of sparkle on the color.

Mizu said...

Thank you for the invitation! :)

Mizu said...

Oh that's nice! I would love to try more of Lavshuca products :D

Mizu said...

Thank you :)

kei said...

pretty color and it's looks good in your lips <3.

Mizu said...

thank you :)

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