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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk

Awh, finally I be able to blog again. This time it is from my recent testerkorea haul, not much of recent coz I bought this at 31 Dec 2014. Not that the package arrives late, but the date it arrive clashes with my have-to-come-back-to-college date so I had to wait for short break to be able to try them out.

Before I forgot, Xinnian Kuaile to all that celebrates the Chinese New Year :) I got a shock yesterday coz the firecrackers starts sounding like about 6.00 a.m while I'm still sleeping ;;;

Anyway, I only owned one of this lipstick and the other one was my sister(OR202) but it turns out that the colour was too bright and it didn't suit her so I'm not sure what I gonna do about this coz OR202 is definitely not my fav colour.

Brand : Etude House
Price : 6,650 won
Capacity : 3.5g
Purchase from : Testerkorea

It looks so much like the Blooming ones but slightly different on the shape.

I have the Beige color lipstick from Etude House like a two years ago and love it . I choose Beige again this time coz I really want to have another beige colour in my collection.

See how bright the OR202 is? o.o

I lurveee BE102 so much! It's not a pale beige and it is a perfect colour for me. While OR202 is actually brighter than the picture, almost like neon I would say and it's definitely not my type.

I've heard that this lipstick is really moisturising on the lips so I pick one to try and it turns out that it is wonderfully moisturising! Wohoo, I'm definitely gonna check out another colours and purchase them!

It glides smoothly on the lips and the moisture last pretty long for me and it'll leave a hint of red after the lipstick wears out.

There is also a slight scent like Etoinette lipstick and the lipstick doesn't taste weird butI find it sweet? Coz I went out today using the BE102 and eat pizza and went shopping after but I found that the lipstick is sweet when I licked it..haha

Since it is a moisture lipstick, the colour can wears off when drink or eat but it last much better than other lipstick I've tried. Other than that, because of the texture is so smooth, it might melted when it is too hot.

I had no complains about this lipstick coz it's one of the best I've tried.

I rate it:

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