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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[REVIEW] Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure #Revenge Pink & Mini Set

Since I got some more time to blog, so here you go.
The mini set and the full sized one was bought from Testerkorea. I think it's a good deal of the mini set since I wanted the top coat but not too sure how it will perform on me so I saw the mini set and they have another colours as well, and it's cheap so I bought it along. However, the mini set is no longer available. Not sure if it is sold out or not available anymore.

Brand : Clio
Capacity : 4.7g
Price : 11,200 won
Purchase from : Testerkorea

How cute the mini set is? >_<

Obviously the mini set applicator is different but I find it performs quite well.

Update : I really forgot about this picture.

No.5 Revenge Pink
1 - Gradient lip
2 - Gradient lip with top coat
3 - Full lip
4 - Full lip with top coat

Both full lip with top coat.

First of all, I'm not bias toward the No.5 Revenge Pink colour because I did more swatches for the other two colours as well but it looks so horrible as the two did not have the same consistency as the Revenge Pink >_<"

All of them dries really fast and No.10 and No.11 makes my lips sticky and it stucks to each other O.O I can't open my mouth because of it lol But the top coat really helps coz it makes the texture much better.

Revenge pink is a hot pinky red colour and it is just gorgeous! I never liked red alike lipsticks before coz it makes me looks old but this one got a hint of hot pink and it look so nice on me.

While No.10 is more to neon coral colour, No.11 looks a bit purple to me, almost like the Etude House Limited Edition (purple) cherry tint and it doesn't look much of neon. The consistency of No.11 is the worst but No.11 is tolerable and I find it more glossier when apply but the downward of No.11 color is that the application  won't look nice because it's blotchy on some parts as you can see above.

This lipnicure have the matte finish compared to the glass lipnicure but  this lasts way longer than the glass version because it is so hard to remove. I regret that I didn't buy the remover as well coz my Biore cleansing oil doesn't work well to remove them as I have to use the cleansing oil about 2 to 3 times to be able to remove this lipnicure completely.

There is a slight scent to it but I can't still detect of what it is. It's not pleasant nor unpleasant for me.

For the top coat, the texture is not oily as I thought. It is thick in texture but it is not sticky nor too glossy.I find it just right for me for someone who doesn't like lip gloss.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my choice of colour and the performance of No.5. Would recommend this color and No.11 to use but not No.10.

Thank you for reading :)

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Nadilla Marsha said...

thankyou so much for the review! I've read some reviews about this and your review is one of my favorite ^^ Just wondering, how much does the mini set cost? I really wanted to try the mini set but it's not available in my country kekeke

Anywaay I just followed you on GFC :D

Vonnie said...

Revenge Pink looks so nice on you. It suits your skin tone perfectly.

The packaging reminds me of something delightfully 80's/early 90s with the font they used. I see it and automatically hear the beginning of the original Beverly Hills 90210 theme song.

Mizu said...

Thank you dear, I'm glad that you find this helpful :) I checked on my cart just now and the price is 2,800 won, isn't it cheap? Aww, so sorry that it didn't available there. If you can shop online then please buy it online. Online shops sells it much cheaper than our loca shops ;(

Thanks for the follow :)

Mizu said...

Oh wow, never heard of that. Thank you for dropping by :)

Jenny said...

Heartless Coral is my favorite :) Looks great on ya~

Courtney said...

If I didn't read the title of your post, I thought these lip products were nail polishes. xD

I love pink and coral, so of course, I gravitated to No. 11 & No. 10, very pretty colours. And omg, O-O, I can't believe it was sticky enough to make you not open your mouth.

I heard of testerkorea for a while now, but I never really looked into it, I should though.

xx Courtney

Mizu said...

haha, is that so? Probably coz lipnicure were taken from the lip & manicure, it's like doing it on the lips with the top coat XD

Glad you love the corals! It should have to be a great colors but the texture just failed me. Do visit testerkorea too, they've changed policy that every members will get 30% on every products! So imagine how cheap a product can be because they're already the cheapest around even before the new policy starts :D

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