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Saturday, March 7, 2015

[REVIEW] Too Cool For School Milk Tint

This tint were bought together with the previous lipnicure and etude lipstick. I'm a huge tint lovers and I used them for pretty much everyday. I usually tried the Etude's Cherry Tint but since I still have some of them left, so I thought I want to try this tint from Too Cool for School. ha, that's a long name for a brand tho.

Product Info:
Brand : Too Cool for School
Production : Made in Korea
Price : 4,200 won

Sorry for different lighting, lip color altered to best match the real ones.

I'm quite surprised that I'm liking this tint so much. True to its name, the texture of the liquid is milky and can be smoothly applied to the lips.

Unlike Etude House, this tint doesn't have a taste to it but I do think that the smell of this tint is quite similar to Clio Lipnicure. I thought that I'm wrong but after trying it for a few times, it does smell the same. The smell does disappear after a while.

For the color, it is a red color, my full lip swatches might not be the most correct but it's quite similar. In real, the tint is suppose to be red, a normal warm red. For the light swatch, it's quite similar to the real swatch.

The tint last quite long for me and leave a red hint on the lip after drink/eat. Other than that, I really love the thing that it absorbs to my lips well and doesn't leave any uneven color like other tints do.

The finish is glossy and my lips looks moisturise but the moisture wouldn't last long so I would recommend a lip balm on top.

Overall, I like it and would repurchase, maybe to try another colors :)

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)


Mizu said...

Thank you~ :)

Claudia said...

The colour is really pretty~

Mizu said...

yes it is :)

Frl Schnee said...

Love the color and the packaging is pretty cute too!

http://shelizmenulis.blogspot. said...

Hi Mizu, ever think of posting pics of full face on with the makeup? Its easier to see the outcome especially for those that have same skin tone like you. Imagine yourself as the model for the product... classy. Love you blog!

Mizu said...

It is! Those who love red would love this :)

Mizu said...

Hi dear,
I have done several full face makeup before but I'm not much expert on that. Usually I only post swatches based on the product itself. If it is needed for the examples of the product then I'll do it if I have an extra time. Otherwise, for only lip products, I prefer to do it with only showing my lips because it looks better to focus on the product function than my random face. haha

But, I always take everything on consideration. Maybe I'll just do it as you say next time :)

Minjung Lee said...

Great post! the packaging its so cute, I love the color!

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thank you!

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Mango said...

I was dying to try something from this brand but I didn't know what to buy, thank you for the review, I will be trying this :)

Mizu said...

You're much welcome :)

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