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Saturday, July 13, 2013

[REVIEW] Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30 PA++

I seriously never thought I would make it to post any reviews this week either because my schedule is really pack and I'm still tired as the result of the orientation week on last week.

Plus, I'm kinda sick right now and everything feels really uncomfortable. This is the result of me bragging that I'm hardly fall sick entire my life and suddenly the fever streaks

There are a lot of posts that I've prepared since a month ago because I knew this day would come which I really don't have time for blogging.

Another thing, many have been asking me if I did my own blog design and the answer is no. I've posted  previously that I used a professional designer to do it for me and the recent addition by another designer that I hired. Of course, there will be a separate post for that.

Anyway, onto the review :)

I've bought this concealer for about a year now I guess but I rarely used it now because my skin is not that bad anymore. I don't know what to use this for anymore so it's always been in my drawer since then.haha

The red box shows the last ingredient from the left picture.

The packaging is really beautiful :)

 I took chances in the last last few weeks when I had a disorganized diet which I eat a lot of fats, oily things and prawns and this rashes appear on my face for a whole

Sorry if it grosses you out because I only wanted to show how amazing the concealer works in concealing all the imperfections on my face. Recently I always used the worser part of my skin for my reviews so that people who suffered the same thing as me can see of what are the things that I'm talking about instead of a plain review.

Although the concealer exist in two colors, 21(light) and 23(beige) --> I choose 23 but it still too light for me. So I always top it up with a darker foundation or powders to lessen the obvious color changing.

For the coverage, as you can see, it really covers all of rashes and pimples scars as well as the redness on my face.The texture is thick and I only need a very little amount of the concealer to cover my whole cheek.

The concealer does have a slight scent to it and I think it is almost similar to the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. Topped with the sun protection properties, this concealer used to be my favorite 'foundation' once before my face turns better now.

If you asked did this works in concealing dark circles, my answer is yes but it won't works on wrinkly under eyes like me because it accentuate the fine lines :( 

Other than that, the concealer is waterproof and stays semi-matte on my face for the whole day. 
(My skin is very oily - just to note that again)

For the price tag, I guess it's a bit pricey on my side but it's worth it because it works good in concealing and the ingredients  are safe for a skin like me.

Overall, this is really a good choice of concealer if you need extra concealing for your special day :)

Thank you for reading :)


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