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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet with Damya Hanna and Aleeya Anessa

I start to read my first novel(Malay) when I'm 14 years old..yea,that time it was sorta a trend?Coz at least everybody would own a novel themselves in hostel plus books or something similar is the only entertainment that we can have at the time since no computer,electronic devices are allowed in boarding schools.

In 2007,means 3 years after that,I stopped reading the novels because I involved in this new world called Kpop..coz I love music more than reading lol..
Plus,new trend is coming which everybody would own a MP3 or MP4 so i'm one of them..hehe :D

So last time,I want to finish up my university book voucher which is given by the government.I had finish my previous semester so I don't think it wouldn't be needed to buy any educational books since it only can be used up till this month.I decide to go the nearest bookstores since they have a huge book sales and my mom wants me to buy her a cooking/knitting book.

Coincidentally I saw this large sums of novels,some are in sales and some were the newest released so instead of wandering around,I decide to pick a newest book written by Damya Hanna.Well,I'm a big fan of hers since I read her 'Bicara Hati' and others..I think most of my fav were from her though..haha..
I were told by a staff there that she recommends me to buy the novel in the following week because Damya Hanna is coming to the town!Oh gosh..I got pretty excited that time..So yea,to shorten the story,I went back in the following week and meet her with Aleeya Anessa.I've heard Aleeya Anessa before but I'm not sure which novel of hers that I read previously..Instead of buying Damya Hanna's book,my mom ask me to include the Aleeya Anessa book to in the list and I was okay..since I'm using the voucher,not my

Both novels got 20% off so I think I was very lucky though.. ^_^

Anyway,here I am with the novelist!Damya Hanna looks friendly but Aleeya Anessa looks too shy..If I were looking back at the photos,it seems like it was me whom the 'featured' artists here..lololol

 me(pink) with Aleeya Anessa

me with Damya Hanna

the novelist wrote down something for me~~

I'm using my phone camera,that's why this is crappy one..aigoo..I forgot to bring the camera..*sigh*
anyway,none of the pictures were edited except I only put my copyrights down there.

Owh..I forgot the novels pictures..but don't worry,I'll update this post soon~
and thanks to the novelist for the sweet note and pictures~!


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