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Monday, April 9, 2012

[REVIEW] Zamian Premium Magic Black Cacao Chocolate Pack/Mask

Hey guys!I know I've been inactive since the past week.It is because I've done the testing for the products that I will reviewed today..^_^

It's the Zamian Magic Black Cacao Mask!I know there are a lot of reviews before me and there are a lot of raves about this product.Last 2 weeks,"SHOPSHOP" is having a promo on mysale(?)<--I forgot which site it was but I think it is mysale.The usual price for a 150g mask is about RM69-RM80 but this time I got it for RM39.90 with free shipping which a lot cheaper..I've been wanting to try this for sometime and finally I got my hands on it!

You can can check that shop.It's almost in Chinese and I can't understand Chinese..T^T..but hey,they have quite lots of products and what have been attract me is they send mine from Johor to Selangor which was very fast!They even put the mask in a box and they include receipts and ways to wear the mask!How convenient!
You can check their website and just google that name..

Actually I only tried this once but I think it was enough..

Description : 
It is ideal for tired skin.It leaves the skin supple and velvet-soft and makes the skin healthy.All skin types.

How to use the mask :
1 - Apply the mask after applying toner.It is because after applying toner,our cuticle will be more moisturized and thus the following application of skincare products will be more efficient.
2 - Apply the mask and stay on for around 15 minutes before it gets dry.After that,simply use tap water to wash it away. To clean it thoroughly, you are recommended to use a a cotton pad with some toner and wipe your face gently.You can then check your cotton pad to see whether your face has been cleaned clearly.
3 - You can now continue your skincare procedure like applying moisturizer/lotion/emulsion/cream.This mask can be used up to 5 times a week.Use with accordance to your skin problem.

My verdict :
 Firstly I wanna say that the chocolate smell was so good!!!I almost tried to lick it!lol
The mask is very glossy which means it is very easy to spread!I thought it kinda of drying one but it is not!
I have a very bad day skin nowadays so when my first apply this,it was kinda hurt at some parts especially the part that was affected with pimples.So I suggest you to calm your pimples first(doesn't mean you have to completely remove it first) with some medication or traditional ways before applying this mask because basically,this is not really specific for acne-prone skin.I can feel my skin were much smoother after washing it off and yeah,the chocolate smell is still on my face for few minutes..haha..Overall,this is good for daily wash-off mask which I think it wouldn't hurt the skin. ^_^


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