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Thursday, January 2, 2014

[REVIEW] Innisfree Eye Primer

Happy New Year everyone.

Sorry, it's kinda late for a post today coz I'm in between whether to put example on how this looks plus with eye shadows on my eyes or not but I ended up doing none. Let me know if any of you would like to see it, I'll try to update this and do it tomorrow.

Basically I ran out of my e.l.f cosmetics eye primer which I love so much but I never reviewed them because I always forgot to review tiny things. Innisfree is kind of rare for me coz I only ever tried their anti trouble cleansing foam and no sebum mineral powder. I still used the cleansing foam sometimes and it's has a unique  cold sensation after applying but sometimes it's kinda stings the eyes. Anyway, onto the review;

Product Information ;

Name : Innisfree Eye Primer
Production : Made in Korea
Weight : 7g
Testerkorea Price : 6,000 won
Testerkorea Sale Price : 4,200 won

The packaging is so simple.

Production date.

Urmm..sorry for the different lighting o.o''
Note : I used the EH &Rose Flowering Eyes in Blossom eye shadow.

I put these color under a running tap water. Honestly, this picture had too much light with it so it looks like it fades a lot but that's not actually the case. The color is very pigmented to begin with but it slightly fade especially the one without the primer.

I had love and hate relationship with this eye primer. It is very good in showing the true colour of the eye shadow but the texture that make it kinda bad. It takes sometime to blend the primer which I believe is the same with Etude House Eye Primer. However after the liquid dries and I put on some eye shadows on the top of it, it feels like tugging which making the application a bit harder especially with hand. If I don't properly blend it, the eye shadows looks like it is not properly applied because some place it might be a bit too much and some none. You probably could see from my swatches picture, the center looks like it had more colour that other place although I applied it the same.

Another thing, this primer would totally be fine to lightly applied eye shadows rather than too many colours on top because if I put on too much colours, then it will easily crease like you put on no primer. Well, I think it's a bit inconvenient because after all, I at least will use two or three colours for eye shadows.

The good side is this primer is useful when your eyes is wet because the color is hardly fade. It's amazing to see that the colour stays on like nothing even if I rubbed it.

I used the Etude House &Rose Flowering Eyes in 'Blossom' for the swatches on top. If you had this palette(not sure if it is only myself) but whenever I put on this colour and blended it out, it looks like I got punch or something because after blending, it looks dull and bruise-like. So after using this primer, the color doesn't change like the one in palette! I was so happy because I really wanted the same colour on the palette to be on my eyes.

Lasting hours is just so-so. As I said, I would at least used 2-3 colours in a time but this easily creased. Not really a good sight to see.

Overall, this eye primer is okay but I love my e.l.f eye primer more because it stays on longer and easily blend.

I rate this;

Thank you for reading :)


Bijin Blair said...

Oooo, so ELF is better than Innisfree... What if I asked you to compare it against Etude House's version? Which do you prefer?

Mizu said...

Nope, Etude House also doesn't work well on me. I think the result is pretty the same.

Nicky mywishstyle said...

Beautiful review!
Happy New Year!

Mizu said...

Happy New Year :)

jessica ie said...

Thanks for the review!
I think I'll just keep my EH Proof10 Eye Primer xD

Sample Hime said...

Haha I love ELF eye primer too! Do you use the liquid one? I like the liquid, but since I'm lazy I usually use the stick one that has a "powder to eyeliner" liquid on the other end of the combo stick. I hardly see a difference between the with and without primer in this case...Better to go with cheap if it works better :D

Mizu said...

Great that it works for you :)

Mizu said...

Yes the liquid one. Never tried the stick one..
The picture above suppose to show more difference because the color is way obvious with primer on but as I said, too much light that make it looks like it were similar..

Joyce said...

Thanks for the review! I've never had an eye primer before so this really makes me want one!

TulipLove said...

Firstly, that Etude blossom shade is just gorgeous! I really wanted that palette just for that shade, but I didn't end up getting it since I decided to get some of the Minnie collection instead :P
The primer seems to be really good for showing the true colour, but pity the texture isn't so good. It is reasonably affordable though!

Sakuranko said...

I think the differen is a little of intensity so not looks like a good primr for me.

Mizu said...

The palette is definitely gorgeous! I heard that it was sold out is some place though.Not sure which shops still have it. I'm hoping the Minnie Collection won't sold out anytime soon..

I know, it was good enough showing the true colors but too bad it doesn't works well in terms on prevent the creasing..

Mizu said...

You should really try an eye primer! It helps so much if you wore eyeshadows :D

Mizu said...

Yeah, it was so-so. Anyway, thank you for dropping by :)

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