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Monday, January 27, 2014

[REVIEW] Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Hi there!
I'm pretty excited for my first post after some time. It's not like I want to be in hiatus, it's just my college wifi took so much time to be functioned properly. Anyway, it's better now and today I'll be reviewing the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. If you've read my winter haul post, you must be already know that I purchased this. I originally planned to wait for a month to review this but since it has already shown some positive effects and I can't continue to use this in the meantime because of my face treatment so I decided to review it now.

Product Information ;
Name : Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum
Production : Made in Korea
Volume : 120ml
Price : 7350 won (after 30% discount)

I was given a free box of the cotton. :D

The serum is transparent in color.

If you notice, the cotton had two sides, the one with the lines and the other side with the hole-like design. Both functioned differently as the hole side is used to remove dead skin and you'll used the other side to dab the rest of the serum in the cotton onto the face.

Sorry for the pictures spam. I love lots of pictures..hehe :D

The bottle really reminds me of the very classic cafe so I decided to put a sepia-like picture for the header. 
It turns out pretty..haha (at least for me XD)

When the first time Skinfood released this product a while back, I thought why black sugar can be benefited to the skin? Isn't it just a brown sugar? That's what I really thought back then coz I never heard about the black sugar before so I just assume that it is a brown sugar. 

For your information, black and brown sugar are two different things, basically Black sugar is more popular in countries like Taiwan and Japan. The black sugar is said to be more healthier than brown sugar because it contain so many minerals and the people in those countries used them as the period pain reliever. You can read more here.

Regarding the above statement that I said I had to stop using this serum for a while because of the skin treatment I did, it is because the doctor advice me not to use any kind of product which had an acid ingredient (it is not the acid that could burn your skin).

Right after Skinfood released this serum, it has be the most best selling product of their product. I saw a few reviews of this product before but many of them is not in depth review so I decided to try it out myself.

The above picture is not edited except adding on some words on the picture and cropped the eye part for better view (sorry for the moist looking face coz I wore my cream in both pictures..haha)

I was surprise after using this for a week, I can see that my face is a lot glowy and brighter looking. I always had a dull skin after a long day because it's hot here and I wore make up to class. This serum really helps to improve my skin and I also noticed that it lessen my oily face especially when I wore my make up for a long time. 

I experience a bit of itchiness for my first time with this serum but it doesn't happen after the second time.I guess maybe I over scrubbed my face before that so that's why it feels like that.

The cotton that came with the serum really a lot of help. I think it is a great invention coz I used both sides to apply the serum. The hole sides really helps removing the dead skin especially when I'm too lazy to use the face brush while cleansing my face.

There is a pleasant smell of this serum which disappeared after a while. Not sure if it is the black sugar smell or other ingredients.

Other than that, the serum is non sticky, moisturising enough for me and absorbs really fast! I'm loving this overall.

I rate this for ;
for all the goodness and cheap price!

Thank you for reading!


Azwa Mislan said...

unnie how much is this ya?the bottle look so majestic,unlike any other packaging i've seen before!

Mizu said...

7350won and convert to myr, that would be RM22.69. This is the price I got after 30% discount along with the cotton.

I agree, love the glass bottle so much :D

Mieza Everdeen said...

i saw a lot of raves for this product, now you make me wanna try it too ^_^

Mizu said...

You should give it a try :D

Sample Hime said...

I keep hearing good things about this, and I never knew really what black sugar was haha. I also thought "is that brown sugar?" And also, is that even a thing? Hahaha...I have a few sample packets I want to try now, it really does look like it brightened your skin in general and made it look more healthy. Thanks for the review sister!

Fräulein Schnee said...

I was curious for your review on this, since I only had a sample for trying, and I already liked the sample. Seems this is a good working product after all and I'm happy to hear that.

Mizu said...

I know, I never heard about Black Sugar before too..haha
You're much welcome :)

Mizu said...

You should really try to purchase the full size. The serum works great!

Bijin Blair said...

Wow, I think I need a bottle! I've never been intrigued by a SF product so this is an achievement of sorts for them hahaha

Mizu said... should try Skinfood or have you? I like a lot of their products :)

Bethany said...

Good to see you posting. ^_^ Looks like an interesting product. It's been a while since I've picked up anything from Skinfood, since I had a few disappointing products last time.

Mizu said...

Really? What products did you tried from Skinfood that are the disappointment? I might as well want to get rid of that

TulipLove said...

Okay after reading your review, I really want to try this! I'm looking for something to brighten my skin recently :P
And the bottle is adorable - though it looks like a bottle of barbecue sauce!

Bethany said...

Their avocado leave in fluid) and Good Afternoon Peach BB cream.

Mizu said...

I see..thanks for that!

Mizu said...

Haha..I know right! You should try it :D

Xana said...

I've seen this around the internet! So many people love this serum that it just makes me want to buy it. I also have oily skin and finding a serum that helps with this problem isn't easy. Good to know this one works.
Thanks for your review.

Marxie said...

I have a sample of this! It's in a mini bottle and it has cotton pads too. I tried it last year and thought it was pretty good in brightening as well. :D

Mizu said...

You're welcome. Hope you find this helpful for your next buy :)

Mizu said...

Glad you like them as well :)
I might stay with this for a long time :D

Sky said...

Nice review
I want to ask u something
I m 22 years old ,i hv acne prone skin, but sometime i breakout
Can i use this serum
Is it good for my skin?

Mizu said...

Hi dear,

I too have acne-prone skin and this works fine. Just reminder that you maybe have to avoid harsh scrubbing because it might sting when applied.

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