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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[REVIEW] A'pieu Magic Pore Cover Balm

Hello dearies,
 It's really closed until I entered a new semester and that's means there is going lesser postings. But no worries, I'll make sure my blog will still be alive coz I planned to post one blog post every 3 days. Just pray that I would make it..hehe

Today I'll be reviewing this pore cover balm from A'pieu which also can be known as primer or base make up. You can use this before applying your bb/cc/ foundation.

Product Info ;

Name : A'pieu Magic Pore Cover Balm (for oily skin)
Production : Made in Korea
Capacity : 25g

Since they did not provide an English description so I got this from testerkorea.

Sorry for the different background color. I'm also not sure why it

Sponge is given and the balm is covered with a transparent lid.

Too bad the balm is dust-catcher.

I bought this balm after reading so many good review about it. This balm looks small but this gonna last for a long time since I don't have to use a lot for each applies. For people who had dry skin, there is another Magic Pore Pore Cover Balm in pink case.

I like how they include a sponge along with the balm and fit in this little case. The first time I opened the lid, the smell already lingers and it smells really good. I do smelled this somewhere but I don't remember what it is.

The balm looks slightly green in the case but it is transparent in colour once applied onto my face. My first experience with this is not good because I'm too excited to try so I applied too much on face making it slightly greasy..but I learnt my lesson so I only applied enough amount on my face now. It amazes me on how much smooth and light it feels on face. When I touch my face, it feels really smooth and almost powdery.It even covers my pores flawlessly.By the way, I don't experience any breakout from using this

One thing that it kinda brings this down probably the ability to control oil. My face doesn't feel much different even after I applied this because I still can see that my face is as oily as much as they do. Other than that, I also dislikes the fact that the balm itself is a dust-catcher. You could probably see it in the above picture that there is some dust on the balm.

Overall, I love the thing that this balm covers my pores and it makes the application of my make up smoother and cleaner. Too bad that it doesn't perform much on controlling oil. I would have rated this as perfect if it does perform on oily skin. Anyway,this is only my opinion. Different product works on different people.

Update : I know I have to say this but this balm does works sometimes! Not sure why but these days when I used this as a base, I can see my oily face is lessen and if the oil does came out, it feels powdery on face. Seriously, I really do love this sometimes!

Thank you for reading.

I rate this ;


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