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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[REVIEW] THEYUFIT MIRApack Hydrogel Mask+ Miracle Cream

Hi guys!

In the month of April-May, I was sent a package of TheYufit Mirapack which consist of a Cellulose + Hydrogel Mask and Miracle Cream. I'm initially intrigue by the statement of 3 pieces of mask that will cover the neck part which isn't usual in the sheet mask scene.

A package arrived to me about 4 days after it was sent from the USA(which the company official distributor located). It was nicely packed a sturdy box which I can't barely seen any damage on the box when it arrived.

Before going to the review, here's a little bit about TheYufit,

Yufit = You+Fit = Fit in Your Beauty, which basically means that the products will fit you (as I interpret it). They have been in the beauty industry for more than 10 years in South Korea and Colornique is the sub-brand for cosmetics. The Mayflo is the sole distributor of TheYufit in US and Canada.

TheYufit Mirapack with it's Sewing Boundaries design is a cellulose + hydrgogel mask is a clinically proven benefits such as holding up moisture for 72 hours, lifting and anti-wrinkle, glow and brightening and complete refreshment. This mask is using the 5th generation of cellulose sheet which is 100% cotton and can hold up 35g ingredients contained in a single mask sheet among mask pack products from South Korea. 

Mira in Mirapack means "Mummy" in Korean is the approach of the brand that the mask sheet will give you eternity to your skin as the mummy from hundred years ago keeps their original condition.
It is actually a funny coincidental that Mira is actually my real name XD

The picture hidden in the box! I was actually surprised at first but the photo reminds me of the "after-plastic-surgery-kinda" which is probably what the mask is after - new skin.

I probably have no need to explain further regarding the ingredients, as it is all written in the pictures above.

I have taken the full-face photo but I looked so strange in it and finally decided to take a close shot than full face XD You can see the "sewing" design on the sheet and it is actually cool in real :)

This cream jar is actually a glass! Yeay~

The cream is quite thick I'd say but it doesn't sticky at all and absorbs nicely on skin :)

Came with a spatula too.

I don't want to sound so bias since this product is sponsored but honestly, this is the best mask I've ever tried so far in my life. They didn't asked me to write this and I'm basically writing this based on my own opinion.

If you're are a regular here, you probably have knew that I'm such a sucker for a nice scented product that is not smell fake nor too chemical and I would say that this mask pack smells so nice like I can still smell it after a few hours and even putting on makeup on my face. It is not overpowering but I'd say it is kind of smell that I want it to lingers around forever like I'm wearing a perfume-look how exaggerated I sound but that is the truth. I'd say the smell is a like a flowery+baby powder type, kinda? Sorry, I suck at describing smells XD

Forget the scent, the mask itself gave abundant moisture to my skin and keep it plump for hours but 72 hours as they claimed it might be a little over the top since I washed my face before the hours can even get to 72 hours like seriously who doesn't washed their face in 72 hours but go so far to wear a mask for the skin? rofl

I'd say that my skin feels like a baby after wearing the mask+cream combi and I suggest do not leave out the cream after wearing the mask since it'll give a boost of moisture to the skin. It does feel smoother after application and what's great is that it doesn't irritate my skin or my redness nor give me a breakout- that's a super plus point for acne-prone skin like mine.

The mask consists of 3 separated pieces which is the eye(top part), lip(bottom part) and under the chin(last piece). "Covering the neck" might be a little false since it doesn't even get to cover my neck. I'd say that it probably only touches a little bit of the neck or maybe none depending on where you put the last piece on. But, it doesn't bother me much coz the cream that came with the mask (the one that came with the mask sheet) is quite a lot to use at once and I can use it up to two times up to my neck.

The cream that came with the mask which is also the same cream from the glass jar originally looked a little too thick for me because I always avoided thick cream as I could since a lot of them will eventually break me out nor give me a milia under eyes but this cream don't give me that. A little of the cream goes a long way and it glides easily, more like it feels a little waxy(?) but not that it feels strange. It absorbs nicely onto the skin and even helping my makeup application goes smoothly on the skin.

If you're wondering if my makeup would eventually glides on the skin after a few hours since this is a "moisture" type of skincare and I'd say that it's not. My makeup stays on wonderfully on my skin and it doesn't glides or making it a mess instead it help on controlling oil on my face because of the moisture it hold.

Overall, I really loooooovveee this mask and I would made a purchase myself when I got the chance!
Thank you TheYufit!

Mira holding the Mirapack, lol XD

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)


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