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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Try Me Box by StyleKorean - Pyunkang Yul Review

Hey guys! I was chosen to review the StyleKorean Try Me Box which they featured a certain brands and asks the public, mostly bloggers/ yt-ers to review the products set in a certain time and give a verdict. So I tried applying for this box since I wanted to try Pyunkang Yul for so long and luckily I was chosen! Yayyy!

So I've tried for for about more than a month and it's time to share what I thought about these popular products in Kbeauty right now, Pyunkang Yul.

The brand targeted people with sensitive skin or atopic skin where the product itself is very mild to these type of skin. I figured that I can have sensitive skin on some days so that's why I need to try this! :D Moreover, I would rate their packaging 100% because it was simple, cool and cute! 

So let's start with the review!

The "Mist Toner"

I used this as a toner after cleansing my face and honestly, I love every toner that came in a mist bottle because it is so convenient. Basically I'll spray generous amount on face and pat it on to let it absorb faster.

The toner itself did have a very pleasing smell which is not that strong nor I can detect what it was, it was a split second smell after spraying XD but it was very pleasing to my nose and I love it.

It is actually just like the other mists out there, not that hydrating but enough to supply a little hydration after cleansing the face. It did dry quite fast since there isn't much moisturising properties in it. 

The "Moisture Ampoule"

Like honestly, this is weirdest serum texture that I have ever tried in my life. It feels liquidy but rubbery at the same time(?), not sure how I could describe that properly but it's true that it's so weird.

At first I was pretty weirded out by the texture and pretty sure I didn't like it at the first impression however as time goes by like a month, I got quite used to the texture. It's thick but it's liquid and when I try to spread it out, it kinda sticks(?) 

No scent detected and since it is quite thick, I do find that I need like a few drops of it to cover my whole face. The dropper is a little tricky though. I hate it because it only could pick up so little thus I had to go back and pick it up again but I do blame that on the liquid texture which don't suit well with the dropper. Could have use a better packaging method.

In terms of performance, it hydrates my skin quite well although it dries out quite fast as well. This would be great on oily skin because it's not too heavy on the skin. It just sticks? lol

The "Ato Cream Blue Label"

I had an expectation that I was not gonna like it when I pump it once but when I applied on the face, it just spread so well and it doesn't make my face sweaty! Oh yassss! Coz some creams tends to make my face "sweaty", which feels like it blocks my pores but this is not.

It moisturizes so well and anybody who likes light cream might love this. Since I love heavier creams at the current time, I do feel that this lacks a little moisture but still quite nice.

There's no smells whatsoever and it doesn't break me out either. So far so good.
I'm loving every pumps of this cream coz I expect that this would run out fast than the other two products above.

The "Eye Cream"

This is such a unique packaging. Eye cream in a sheet! I do find that it is pretty cute with the case and white bag(not in pic). But it creates an extra trash for every single time I had to open a new one to use. Usually one sheet could last me three uses so I think this much could last me for sometime.

The texture is almost similar to vaseline or a little wax-like. Like for example, it will harden once it open to the air for a long time. There is also quite a chemical smell to it when I sniff it, but you can really tell once you put in on the under eye.

It is very moisturising and lasts for quite a long time. I do find that it mosturise my eyes pretty well when I'm asleep but not so much on the day when I had my makeup on. The cream absorbs pretty well too without leaving any weird texture to it and so far, I only notice that it provides moisture but done pretty much none to my dark circles nor my under eye wrinkles. Overall, it's still nice although there is a little results with it.

 Final Verdict:

I do love these products although there's a bit here and there that I don't prefer and honestly these are so mild that it never irritated my skin but instead calming any redness nor pimples-to-be. I had less frequent pimples appearing on my skin in a month that I continuously using them and I was pretty happy with it! I vote this as worth a try!

You can also buy this from StyleKorean! Check them out! They have a large range of Korean Cosmetics or Kbeauty products on trend :D

Thank you for reading :)


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