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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[REVIEW] FINE JAPAN Love Nail - Instant Nail Applique

 HiShop sent me this nail file sticker to be try out. If you're familiar with FINE JAPAN, they are quite popular with the collagen powder and supplement powder.

This is my first ever trying a nail sticker so pardon me if it looks bad..haha

I know there is something wrong with this picture, however I can't control it..haha
Anyway, this is the step-by-step of applying the stickers. Step 3, I already applied the top coat sticker on top.

This nail sticker is created in terms that it performs as good as you get your nails done in salon. This set consists of 1x20 file of fancy sticker and 2x20 files of clear nail sticker, which is also named as the top coat. There is also a pink sand paper file and a bamboo stick in this set.

This is my first time doing this and it took me about 1 hour to do my left nails.haha but the instructions are easy to follow and they're all easy to handle.

There are quite chemical, nail polish smell to it and the glue of each sticker is pretty strong. I find that the stick is especially helpful is arranging the sticker and stick it onto the nail.

This nail sticker is waterproof. The description says that it can be remove by the nail remover but I doubt that because I can just peel it off. Maybe the excess the glue won't be remove that easily so I really recommend rubbing an olive oil or any other oil that you can find to remove the excess glue.

The finish is quite adorable to me especially the girly and cutesy design. I think they do have more design to this. One thing that might be or might not be a little let down is that the top coat looks a little bit fake to act as top coat when you view it nearer but it looks fine from afar.

Overall, I really recommend this nail set to anyone of you that don't want to wait for drying time or messy nail polish paint on the nail.

I rate this :

All thanks to HiShop for sending me this wonderful product!

Coupon : AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

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Su said...

aw this is super cute!!!

Vermillion said...

The designs are really cute and it's nice how it gives you everything in like a kit.

Mizu said...

right?! :D

Mizu said...


FiSh said...

so cute! and match you well :)

FiSh @

Honia Honig said...

so sweet :D this looks lovely :)

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