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Friday, June 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Thayers Witch Hazel Alchol-free Toner

Hi guys! I'm done with today's registration for a new semester in college, well it was short and I got nothing left to do until this Sunday so I'm thinking of blogging. 

I get a request to review this toner from Thayers that I got from HiShop, which is not sponsored and I'm buying it by my own because I want to try these toners. I was surprised when it arrives to me, the toner was actually big in size!

I knew that the Rose type is quite popular but I choose Lavender and Cucumber because the description says that the Lavender type is good for problem skin and the Cucumber is good to freshen up the skin. I basically need that and I'll probably try the Rose next time. If you're not keen of any of these fragrance, they also have the original witch hazel.

These toners from Thayers arealcohol-free, paraben-free, pthalate-free, moisturizes and cleanses which is everything that you might looking for in a toner. I was bought by these descriptions and seen tons of good reviews about these toners.

I would like to point out the smell over all. I'm not familiar with the witch hazel plant since it was not available in my country but based on my searches, it seems to be a plant with many benefits and most likely to be safe when applies to the skin. I was startled by the bad smell of it when I first used the toner. I thought it was expired but found out that because it was un-distilled witch hazel, the smell of the plant is stronger, which is the real smell of witch hazel. It smelled kind of old grandma powder or something..haha BUT it gradually grow on me and I'm no longer bothered much by the smell now. Maybe the slight Lavender/ Cucumber fragrance made the smell better.

Out of two, my most favourite is the Lavender, maybe because of the Lavender smells really good. I like on how these toners moisturize my skin enough after the skin tight from all the face washing. Although I said it gives moisture but you mustn't skipped all the next steps of moisturizing.

The toner is just the most toners out there which is watery and absorbs really fast on the skin and will dry in no time. I would say that it does a great job in calming the skin. I had red patches on the face and it really calms my skin especially after washing my face.

Overall, this is a good toner to try out. I think this could be a great mist too in case you're not bothered by the smell of course.

I rate this :
-minus a star because of the smell.

Thank you for reading :)



Vonnie said...

I think that the regular witch hazel has a very unusual smell. They sell it in almost every pharmacy here, usually in an ugly brown bottle that looks almost just like how they sell peroxide here. I'm not really sure how to describe it other than a little tangy. It's not pungent by any means, it's just not the smell that I want to be putting all over my face.

I did briefly use it when I was a teenager because my mother recommended it. That's what she used to use. We both had acne prone skin in our teens (still do, honestly). I didn't see much difference when I used it.

I imagine that the witch hazel mixed with other ingredients like lavender would have some sort of effect since the lavender is a natural anti-bacterial and disinfectant, as well as being very soothing on the skin.

Frl Schnee said...

I was looking for that toner the other day because I heard it has a acidity regarding the pH. I would be intrigued to try it as preparation toner.

Mizu said...

Wow, this witch hazel must be quite usual to see there.

I agree on the acne skin part. Honestly it doesn't do much when it comes to acne (I do have acne-prone skin too) but maybe as you say, the lavender is maybe the cause that it calms my red patch a little.

Mizu said...

Oh, that was my first to hear. I didn't do much research before buying but I'm glad it doesn't cause me any breakout.

Frl Schnee said...

Normally it is positive for a tonmer to have a weak acidity, so you don't have to worry about breakouts.

silvia jacinto said...

Toners are one of the most important skin regimen that we would not want to skip for. It is very useful since it removes excess dirt that soap can't totally remove. It also helps removes make-ups if we feel tired of washing our face. Please visit my site for more information.

Mizu said...

great, it's so true! :)

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