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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[REVIEW] Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

I don't plan on making a cover page for this post because this screenshot from 
Breena Beauty website is already beautiful to begin with! hehe

Breena Beauty is a newly launched brand founded by the Sabrina Tajudin and Tawfiq Nasir. If any of you were familiar with Sabrina, she is a beauty blogger from Malaysia.

Their first product is the multipurpose Face Luxe Brush which can be used for various makeup applications. This brush is Muslim-friendly and cruelty-free because the bristles were made by the finest synthetic fiber.

You can read more here.

Brand : Breena Beauty
Country : Malaysia
Price : RM45/piece

It arrived to me in package like this. The brush were surrounded by thick bubble wraps.

How beautiful is that?!

Though I preferred people to leave out the -chan..haha

I received this brush as a gift for the newly launched brand. It has been with me for about a month and I love it!

The brush bristles were so fluffy and soft and doesn't cause weird ticklish on the face when used. I've used several makeup brush before and some of them feel soft when you rubbed it with fingers but is a bit rough when it comes to applying makeup on the face.

The brush is a dome-shaped and it was really dense. I think it's great for foundation application and I've used this a lot for contouring. Just recently I learned a little bit of contouring and this brush helps me a lot.

Since this is made using the finest synthetic fiber, there is no weird smell to it like some other brush that using goat or horse hair. I do have the goat hair brush before and it smells terrible.

Lastly, there's no hair fall outs from this brush. I've washed this one time before and I only see one hair fall and no more. There's no hair fall while applying makeup either and it's great to not experience that like I did with other brushes.

Overall, I really love this brush. It does a great job and the brush itself is high in quality. The most important thing is the price is really affordable!

Do check Breena Beauty! I'm waiting them to release the eye makeup brushes~

I rate this :

P/S : I'm not sponsored nor oblige to review this brush. The review is yours truly.


Miss Animanga said...

I think I will refer my friend to this brush because she is always looking for Muslim friendly products :) they look so good

Arya De Guzman said...

what a beauty and it really look dense and soft

Mizu said...

Yes, it's so pretty isn't it?

Vonnie said...

That brush looks fantastic. It looks so soft and easy to use! I really like that it's cruelty free. That is always a big bonus in my mind.

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