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Monday, June 29, 2015

[REVIEW] Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set

You probably always seen the Bawang shampoo advertisement that featured in Jackie Chan. This time the brand released a set of hair care special for ladies. The set came in a full red package with yellow-gold details making it looks luxurious! This set is special for ladies who have hair fall problem like me.

Type : Hair Fall Care
Price : RM69.90 (Now on discount, RM62.91)

Ingredients list for Shampoo.

Ingredients list for Conditioner.

Also came with user guide.

I have only heard about Bawang shampoo on TV that always had Jackie Chan in it but that shampoo is mainly targeting male(?) I think and the brand now released this special hair fall care set for ladies which looks more appealing with the red packaging, the opposite of the black package shampoo that Jackie Chan promoted.

First and foremost, I was really excited about the scent and it didn't disappoint me. It is almost similar to Herbal Essences smell but milder.

I always neglected my hair but thankfully I don't have much problem with my hair except for the hair fall. I notice that I have quite frequent hair fall these days and I think it was caused by the stress. Well, it can't be help to not to be stress out so that's why this kind of shampoo exist to help.

The shampoo is light, almost watery in texture and lather up pretty well with only a tiny squeeze. I didn't have problem with the shampoo because it performs well to my hair. It doesn't dry out my strands of hair and it clean well.

The problem lies with the conditioner. It is like a thick paste in texture and is just more than enough for my short hair. I'm not sure what's the cause but the conditioner will harden up my hair after a while. I also realized that it dry out my hair and it looks a bit puffed up (not sure if this what they called volume up, haha) but I didn't like that very much but as I said the "volume up" criteria might be appealing to some of you.

On the positive side, it does lessen up the amount of my hair fall. Honestly my hair fall wasn't critical but at least this hair care does their job :D

I rate this:

All thanks to HiShop for sending me this wonderful product!

Coupon : AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

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Vonnie said...

That conditioner does look crazy thick.

Maybe you can add some water into the conditioner before you put it in your hair to thin it out a little bit so it won't harden in your hair, or maybe cut it with an oil like coconut oil so it doesn't make your hair poof. It may be for volume, since people that have thinning hair don't have much volume generally.

I do find the red packaging very attractive. I wish I could smell it!

Mizu said...

Thank you for that recommendation. I should try that!
I wish I could let you smell it :D :D

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