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Sunday, June 28, 2015

[REVIEW] Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval Eggwhite Facial Care Soap

Sweden's Eggwhite Facial Soap has been a part of healthy caring for the skin in Sweden for generations. Originally prepared by Swedish women at home, an eggwhite facial was a weekly tradition to maintain pure and glowing skin. With extracts from plants as cleansing ingredients and added goat milk, the Eggwhite Facial Soap helps to maintain your skin in soft conditions. Suitable for use in the morning as face soap as well as face pack in the evening, the wide usage of this product is convenient and suitable for everyone.

There are a few benefits of this soap that is to shrink pores/ tighten pores, sebum control and moisturize the skin.

Price : RM120 for 3pcs (Now on discount, RM79 for 3pcs!)
Origin : Made in Sweden
Net Weight : 50g x 3
Purchase here : Egg White Soap

HiShop sent me a bar of this soap to try out and this is my first time, I ever heard about this soap. However, it said that this soap has been popular for so long especially in Sweden and many people are loving this.

The soap is packaged in a simple blue paper box and the soap is a little bit yellow in color. However, though this is an egg white soap, it doesn't smell like an egg at all (which is good, of course) but it rather smells rose(?) to me. Some may find it a little bit too strong but I'm liking it because the scent kinda stay on the face.

This egg soap is special because it can be used as a mask, which is you lather up the soap with water and apply to the skin. Wait until 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water or just water. This method actually is similar with the normal white egg which is it rips of the impurities on the face. However, this isn't slimy kinda texture, it's just like the other soap.

The foam disappear fast so work fast. The soap can be used to substitute normal cleanser but some others find it to be too dry to be used daily. I've used this for several times but it doesn't dry me out that much as claim by the others review (maybe I didn't lather much I guess) and it does leave me skin brighter and clean.

The soap also claims that it will leave the skin looks glowy but I'm not so sure if I did see it however as I said, it leaves the skin clean after washing.

I didn't have any breakout or itchiness after using it so I had no complain for that.

Overall, I recommend this for you to try. Check the ingredients first if you have sensitive skin.

I rate this :

All thanks to HiShop for sending me this wonderful product!

Coupon : AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

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Lisa said...

Wow, I am from Sweden and I have never heard of this brand, nor seen it at any stores. But it seems nice, even though there isn't many Swedish reviews on it either. And the price is crazy, here it's 59 RM for 6x50g online.

Mizu said...

really?? I guess that's one of the marketing tactics and yeah, the price is real crazy o.o

however it is a nice soap. I was surprised that it keeps my face clean and free of new pimples pop up :D

Lauren said...

Hey! I just discovered your blog literally a minute ago! Although I'm not Swedish (I'm Japanese), this soap seems very popular everywhere... Apart from Sweden! The only place I have seen this soap is a small souvenir shop in a very touristy place. (For all those Swedish people or people who are planning to visit Sweden and wants to try it out, theres a small store in Gamla Stan called Etorndahl Isn't that funny? I am currently using this soap, and a really awesome tool you can use to lather this soap so that the bubbles don't disappear quickly is a foaming net. I see a foaming net pretty much in every health and beauty store, and even in Daiso! (A popular dollar store kind of store located worldwide). It lathers so well, it is a lot like a marshmallow!
Not to self promote but it would be great if you guys could check out my blog! I'm a very new blogger and I truly wish to expand my blog to a variety of people all across the world! Thanks :),

P.S. I totally love your blog! Its so well organised and easy to see, and your descriptions of the items reviewed are so easy and clear to understand. You are my blog inspo :D

Mizu said...

Hi lauren,

Nice to meet you! Oh, so that was it! It was the opposite! I heard this soap get quite high rating due to its performance and suits almost all types of skin.

I did try to lather it up more and I succeed, maybe I put a little less water to lather up before that foaming net it quite a good idea too!

Thank you so much for willing to drop by, I'm sure to check out your blog as well :)

miki said...

yaa, i also love this so much.i can see my skin become smooth and blackhead clear after 3days using. ermm...i have found it on thailand but just is small pieces.prices also same as malaysia. if you wanted more cheaper i can give recommend where to find it. home shopping tv show on astro chanel 118) or

miki said...

where to find it RM59??? so cheap? impossible,as i know malaysia just have one officially distributer. so need beware~

Mizu said...

HiShop also sells them.I already put up the link up there.

I don't have much confidence to shop at 11street because the products are sold by individual sellers without certificate. Some even be incredibly cheap that it looks suspicious.

Mizu said...

Since she's living in Sweden, it is much cheaper there.

Wanderlust Trevor said...

Lovely post, thanks for posting

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