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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Missha Painting Rouge (Chiffon & Syrup)

Hello! Nope, it's not your screen that's dirty, it's the snow layout of the picture. XD If that's what you're thinking about. Anyway, sorry that this is not posted on last weekends because my parents are home they might think I'm crazy to dress up for a picture. So I did it today where I'm home alone and my parents went to work, but they knew what I did anyway lol

Because this is a highly requested review so I'm reviewing this first! A few weeks back, I saw Missha is releasing quite a collection of makeup and one of them is this Painting Rouge that caught my attention so much. Look how vibrant below ad is! That is enough to make me purchase them.haha
Originally I wanted to go with the only Chiffon version becoz Syrup might be too glossy for my liking but I ended up buying both becoz they're irresistable.

Two different colors. Beige and red.

The syrup cap has a slick feel on it while the chiffon cap is matte.

I like the tip becoz it helps me doing a precise line on my outer lip lines.

The red swatch is similar but some screen may seen the beige/nude one as more to pink than beige.

Sorry for a bit different in lighting. I forgot to open up the door of my room for the beige lip picture because my room is a little bit dark and the camera lights is a bit strong but fret not, the lip color is genuine.

 I want to try doing gyaru eye makeup today and the fake lashes agree with me. I did used concealer after so long! Never thought it would hide my dark circles that well <3

Sorry that I didn't do any close-up picture this time because I think full picture is enough to describe how the color would be on the lips.

The texture of Chiffon wasn't as matte as I thought!I guess it would be in a matte finish but it was actually a thick liquid and feels really moisturizing on the lips. The colous is very pigmented and just the red that I wanted :)

The Syrup version is more on the glossy side. I usually don't like gloss but maybe because I choose a natural color this time, it actually looks great on me. It isn't the usually runny gloss, more to thicker side.

Both have a nice flowery scent to it and it smells great! Like some sort of luxury brand..haha
Both of them are also easy to remove so yes, either your drink nor eat, it would disappear and leaving no hint of color.

Another thing that I notice is that, the liquid didn't dry out my lips even after hours of application. I think it is a great thing because the color stays on well because of that.

I rate them:

I think that's all? Thank you for reading!



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